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    Are Wisconsin's Grace Girard and Farmer Brandon still together after 'Farmer Wants a Wife'? She talked with us about that and more.

    By Hannah Kirby, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,


    Warning: Spoilers ahead from Fox's "Farmer Wants a Wife" Season 2

    Wisconsin sweetheart Grace Girard and Farmer Brandon Rogers may not have worked out as a couple. But, they've remained friends after "Farmer Wants a Wife," Girard shared with the Journal Sentinel.

    And, not just "friends" in a cordial post-breakup kind of way.

    They text just about every day and he's planning on paying another visit to her in Wisconsin this summer, according to Girard.

    Last week, we saw Rogers choose Girard during the season finale of the Fox reality TV dating show. But, on Thursday night's reunion episode — which was filmed in December — the couple revealed that they're no longer together.

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    "He is still someone who I hold very, very dear to my heart and close to my heart," Girard said. "We have a lot of respect and love for each other. So, it's all good."

    Girard spoke with us about her relationship with Rogers, if she's still glad she went through this process, if she'd ever do a dating show again, how she's settling into post-show life and more:

    Grace Girard shares when, why her relationship with Farmer Brandon Rogers ended

    After decision day, Girard asked production if she could postpone her flight back to Milwaukee by a few days so she and her farmer could share some time together minus the cameras.

    Girard stayed in the San Luis Valley area and got to see the Great Sand Dunes, meet some of Rogers' friends, go out to dinner with his family and check out a couple local dive bars — "what Grace loves," Rogers noted during the reunion.

    But, they'd leave that time together as nothing more than friends.

    "We had a lot of time to discuss over the course of those few days where our heads were at, where our hearts were at," Girard told us. "And I think in the end, we just see each other as friends."

    On the reunion, Rogers said he felt strongly for Girard and that she was an amazing woman, but their connection became a strong friendship that didn't grow into the romantic one he was looking for.

    "It was really hard for me to kind of just hear that, you know, his logic with all of it," Girard said at the reunion. "Definitely, I think my feelings were more apparent or stronger for Brandon than maybe his were for me. I was always hopeful that it was going to end in this beautiful happy ending where it works out. But, at the same time, I think we gave it our all and that's all you can ask for."

    It was undeniable that the two were good at empathizing and understanding one another emotionally throughout the season. But, Girard said, there were "bigger hurdles" at hand.

    While Girard is "extra, extra" social — her favorite thing to do is go out with friends — Rogers can be more of a homebody, she said.

    "I think he saw that early on with me and was like, 'I don't know if I can keep up with her,' " Girard said, laughing. "But I also feel like the distance would've been a really big struggle for us."

    From the beginning, Girard said, she knew that if she was chosen, she'd want to do long-distance for a while instead of immediately uprooting her life and moving to the farm.

    "That was something that — at that point — we just felt like we couldn't get past," she said.

    Is Grace Girard still glad she went on 'Farmer Wants a Wife'?

    "Yes, absolutely," Girard said.

    "With Brandon, I gained a lifelong friend," she said. "At the end of the finale episode, I said, 'You're never getting rid of me.' And, I really meant that. I think we're going to be in each other's lives forever."

    Grace Girard's friendship with Farmer Brandon Rogers

    Rogers has "a lot of love" for those he considers close, Girard said.

    "When you feel that from him, you know it's super-meaningful and impactful, and it's great to be in his little circle," she said.

    When random problems pop up in her life, Rogers is now someone Girard goes to since he's level-headed and grounded, she said.

    "He is just awesome at giving a different perspective on whatever's going on in my life," she said. "That is a huge benefit and a great trait to have in a friend."

    Will Grace Girard and Farmer Brandon Rogers ever see each other again?

    "There's definitely some plans in the future to hang out," Girard said.

    Rogers is planning to come to Milwaukee this summer, she said, and the two of 'em will throw out a first pitch at a Brewers game.

    Girard would love to visit the farm again and said she loved that area of the country. She got to do some exploring of the towns around there with fellow dater Joy during the show and "for sure" wants to revisit some.

    Is Grace Girard seeing someone new?

    "I am not seeing anyone right now," Girard revealed. "I've kind of just been trying to process the show wrapping and everything there."

    While she hasn't put herself back out there yet, she's "open to it" and is looking forward to the future.

    "I feel like I've really gained a good perspective on how I exist in a relationship, and have been able to look back on that in a positive way," she said.

    Looking back, would Grace Girard do anything different?

    "Honestly, no," Girard said. "I am super-proud of the way I carried myself."

    She said she's "so, so grateful" to have met not only her farmer, but also the daters who she hopes will be in her life forever, too.

    Who else has Grace Girard has remained good friends with after the show?

    Girard gained "a million other friendships" from being on the show, from fellow daters to crew members.

    "It was an amazing experience and I wouldn't have traded it for the world," she said.

    Girard is "super-close" with Joy Mayfield, also from Rogers' farm; Taylor BeDell, who's with Farmer Nathan Smothers; Megan Lay from Farmer Ty Ferrell's farm; Sydney Errera, who's with Farmer Mitchell Kolinsky; and Kait Smith, who was a co-finalist on Kolinsky's farm.

    Girard, Mayfield and BeDell were down in Texas together just a few weeks ago for a country festival.

    And, for the season finale, Girard attended a watch party in Nashville with a bunch of fellow castmates, as well as a few from Season 1.

    "It was a blast," Girard said. "It was so good to see everybody ... It was so fun to be able to hang loose after the finale aired and just have a good time."

    Looking ahead, Girard said Mayfield will be joining her in Wisconsin in August for the XRoads41 music festival in Oshkosh. She also hopes to have Lay come for a visit soon.

    "I've really been talking the state up, so I hope I see some girls here soon," Girard said.

    A get-together at Smothers' farm in Florida is also in the works.

    Would Grace Girard ever do another reality TV dating show?

    "I feel like, honestly, no," Girard said. "I don't know if I emotionally could ever do that again. I feel like I've kind of gotten out what I could from this experience and am looking forward to kind of moving on with my life, for sure."

    Grace Girard sends a thank you to Wisconsin

    Girard expressed gratitude for all the Wisconsinites who supported her throughout her time on the show.

    She knew local folks would rally behind her, she said, but to actually see that happen has been so, so sweet and she's felt the love.

    "It's literally meant the world to me," Girard said. "I feel like I get emotional about it every time I think about it. It's so nice and it really reaffirms my pride for being from here and also reaffirms my choice of staying in Wisconsin."

    How is Grace Girard settling into post-show life?

    "I feel like I've just been trying to get back into my social life and the swing of things at work, and just trying to get back into the normal, day-to-day life," said Girard, who's a communications associate. "But, I also feel like it's never going to go back to normal because this has been such an impactful experience."

    Girard has been focusing on the people in her circle, and being appreciative of them and how they "buoyed" her throughout the process.

    This summer, she's looking forward to going to her family's lake house in Waupaca. And, again, doing the horseshoe league with her dad at The Depot Restaurant & Tavern in Caledonia.

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