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    Widow Captures Precious Moment Between Toddler & Butterfly She Believes Represents Late Father

    By Sammi Caramela,


    If you believe in signs from above, you’ll love this precious moment captured between a toddler and a butterfly she believes to be her late father.

    Oftentimes, when we’re processing grief, we slip into a dark place. Some of us deny the loss or stifle our pain with anger. Others sink into a deep depression and dwell on what we could have done to possibly prevent the devastation.

    As we move through the stages of grief, however, it helps to grasp onto any glimmers of hope or connection we can find. In the case below, this adorable toddler finds solace in a butterfly she believes represents her late father.

    After losing her husband, a grieving widow told her daughter that she could find her father’s spirit in a beautiful butterfly. What happened next is both heartbreaking and soul-touching.

    Toddler Connects With Butterfly She Believes to Be Her Late Father

    In the video , the toddler is seen chasing the butterfly and yelling “dada!” with glee. She appears happy and relieved to be in the presence of her father’s spirit.

    Many individuals felt moved and comforted by the video, with some even sharing their own stories of loss.

    “I lost my mom when I was 19. More than 10 years ago,” one person commented. “Butterflies were her favorite. Every time one comes around I imagine that it’s her keeping an eye on me.”

    “The day after my grandfather died, my father was in the middle of the ocean fishing when a blue jay randomly appeared at the front of the boat,” another person commented. “Everyone was in awe since small birds like that don’t typically fly out that far, but the bird hung out the whole afternoon with my dad and his friends fishing and hanging out. My grandfather loved fishing almost more than anything & we still think that was him coming to say good bye and enjoy one more trip ”

    Whether or not you believe in this kind of thing, the video is undeniably moving — and an important reminder that we are never alone on our journeys with grief.

    You can find the story’s featured image here .

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