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    After Hotel Incident, Insiders Allege Britney Spears Is Spiraling: ‘This Is What We Feared’

    By Heidi Venable,


    Insiders are speaking out after a big week in the courts for Britney Spears ended in the paramedics being called to the hotel where she was staying with boyfriend Paul Richard Soliz. Spears suffered an ankle injury in the incident, where she was reportedly acting “out of control” in the hotel hallway and screaming to the point that other guests allegedly thought she was having a mental episode. Sources who are reportedly close to the situation are saying this is what the concern has been since the pop star was removed from the conservatorship.

    Britney Spears regained her freedom in November 2021, 13 years after Jamie Spears allegedly sat his daughter down and said he was taking over her life . The “... Baby One More Time” singer has spoken out about her father’s treatment of her during the conservatorship, comparing it to “sex trafficking,” but especially since announcing her split from Sam Asghari, there’s been concerns about Spears being able to care for herself. One insider told Page Six :

    I hate to say it, but the way this is all going — this is what we feared.

    Britney Spears has made several allegations against her family , including horrible treatment under the conservatorship and mishandling of her money. However, some have come forward since Spears regained her freedom to remind people that the conservatorship was in place for a reason . Another source said:

    The narrative of Britney having been locked away for no good reason other than her dad being evil and wanting to work her for every last penny has always been wrong. There is no question that Jamie Spears is a flawed father and the way that Britney was put to work in Vegas was awful. It should never have happened. However, there is also no question that the conservatorship — and the interventions prior to it — happened for a reason and it wasn’t because her dad wanted to make some nefarious money grab. It was put in place because Britney has serious mental health issues and was going completely off the rails.

    In addition to the hotel incident — in which Britney Spears blamed her badly swollen ankle on a fall she took while trying to “do a leap” in the living room of her Chateau Marmont suite and was photographed leaving the hotel barefoot wrapped in a hotel blanket — there’s also been concern about the millions of dollars she’s dropping on luxurious vacations . A third source warned that we’re finally seeing why those protections were in place, saying:

    So many many many guardrails were put into place — some could say a few too many, and perhaps for a little too long — but now that every last one of them has been removed? The world is getting to see what Britney is like when left to her own devices and it’s not good.

    Yet another source paints a pretty dire picture of what the future holds when it comes to the 2000s pop princess, because after the court battles, accusations and #FreeBritney movement, it’s going to be more difficult than ever to get her the help she needs. She’s also more vulnerable to people taking advantage of her, they told Page Six, saying:

    It will be even harder now to get Britney under any kind of control. Her family can’t go near her … I worry that everyone else who comes into her orbit only wants her money. It’s an absolute tragedy and there is just absolutely no way for it to end well.

    Britney Spears’ fans certainly hope that’s not true, but they have also continued to express concern for the singer, before and after she was released from her father’s control. Strange social media behavior has sparked concern several times over the past few years, to the point that fans once called the cops to perform a wellness check on her. Police also visited her in September 2023, after videos of her dancing with knives went viral .

    We’ll continue to watch for any new developments out of the Britney camp.

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