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    'Civil war is coming' Over 40 percent of Americans fear US will be torn apart in five years

    By Rebecca Robinson & John O'sullivan,


    A recent poll has shockingly unveiled that over two-fifths of Americans believe that their country could be at the brink of a civil war in the coming half-decade. Rasmussen Reports carried out a nationwide telephone and online survey, which disclosed that 41 percent of potential voters in the US envision a repeat of civil war looming large, with 16 percent asserting it to be an imminent possibility within the next five years.

    Contrarily, 49 percent of those surveyed were inclined towards the belief that a civil war happening in the next five years is improbable whereas 20 percent were of the opinion that it's highly unlikely. The data further reflected the issue as being rather partisan, with 37 percent of the electorate agreeing upon increased probabilities of a civil war if Joe Biden manages to secure another term this year.

    In contrast, a lesser percentage, 25 percent think that the conflict is more plausible under the regime of Donald Trump , and 30 percent opined that the identity of the president wouldn't significantly alter the potential, reports the Express US .

    Those aligning with the Republican party exhibited greater worry about a forthcoming civil war, with over half of them, 54 percent, anticipating one by 2029.

    According to Rasmussen Reports: "The possibility that America could face another civil war soon is not too far-fetched for a lot of voters."

    This information was gathered from a survey including 1,105 voters and it highlighted that women, young adults, and non-white Americans were among the groups more likely to foresee a civil war striking within five years.

    According to a recent YouGov poll of 35,000 individuals, growing support for secession is evident among certain US states, with Alaska leading at 36 percent. Texas follows closely with 31 percent, trailed by California and New York at 29 percent and 28 percent respectively.

    Daily Express US correspondents recently spoke to several vocal Trump supporters outside his hush money trial in New York. One person forewarned of impending "civil war" if Trump loses the upcoming election.

    One such supporter, Juliet Germanotta, adamantly confirmed her intention to vote for Trump. Describing the trial as nothing more than a "witch hunt", Juliet pronounced that failure to secure Trump's victory would result in the "empire is gonna crumble" crumbling.

    She chillingly warned: "No matter what happens here - the verdict - Trump's gonna win or there will be a civil war. I'm not stupid. If you don't vote for Trump, this great big empire is gonna crumble."

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