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    Beautiful Ballerina Teaches Tiny Toddler How to Dance, Toddler Puts On Sweetest Show

    By Taylor Cunningham,


    This toddler is getting lots of love for the adorable dance moves that she showcased during an impromptu ballet lesson.

    A little girl named Lennon stole the show on TikTok when her mom, Reggie Anne, posted a video of Lennon learning some graceful pirouettes, kicks, and tumbling moves. People melted over the way she followed instructions and actually showed some technique, and they smiled over the pure joy the little girl felt while trying.

    In the video , Lennon’s aunt is leading the class. The aunt is clearly an accomplished dancer, and the toddler is enamored with her. During the entire lesson, Lennon gives her full attention as she smiles and claps.

    The aunt shows Lennon how to do a cartwheel first, and Lennon does her best to mimic the move by putting her hands on the floor and jumping. Then the aunt does a double pirouette, and Lennon follows with a spin move of her own.

    Finally, the aunt gets into a perfect handstand and finishes her routine with a graceful sidekick. Lennon can’t quite do a handstand, but she can kick with the best of them.

    The video has gone viral and has some shares by major publications. And Lennon’s original fan base is cheering her on for her confidence and natural-born talent.

    “Her little toe points are so stinking cute!! go, Lennie!” a follower wrote on the original post .

    “This is the best thing I’ve ever seen,” a commenter gushed.

    “She’s ready for class! ,” someone suggested.

    We hope the sweet toddler follows in her aunt’s footsteps and becomes a dancer, too. She obviously has a genetic upper hand.

    Remember to share this adorable story with your dance-loving friends and family!

    You can find the source of this story’s featured image here .

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