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    Pigeon “Asks” Man Washing His Car For Help On A Hot Day & He Obliges

    By Marty Townsend,


    All living things need water to survive. A man washing his car got a pleasant surprise when a pigeon approached him asking for a drink. Perching on the hood of his truck, the pigeon made its way toward the end of the hose. Taking a quick drink, the bird plunged its entire head beneath the flowing water, leading to an impromptu but heartwarming pigeon bath.

    Pigeons and doves have the label of “nuisance critters” in many communities. They fly around and poop on everything. Pigeons and doves are pretty comfortable around most humans. They will steal your French fries as you enjoy a quiet lunch in the park. With that in mind, it isn’t surprising that this pigeon saw something he wanted (water) and approached the man.
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    The man was incredible. He moved slowly, allowing the pigeon to guide his actions. Beginning by offering a drink, he held the hose at an angle within reach of the pigeon. As the bird moved below the hose end to wet his head, the man moved accordingly.
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    The pigeon bowed, and the man gently ran the water along its back. The video was initially shared in July, so that pigeon bath probably felt good. Being nice to a pigeon was probably not on that man’s bingo card, but we’re glad he was there.

    After the short pigeon bath, the man laid the hose down, and the pigeon helped itself to another long drink. Then, the bird got another dowsing along its entire body before it stepped aside, seemingly sated. Being friendly to animals doesn’t cost much, making us feel better. Please share this with someone who feeds the pigeons, tosses nuts for squirrels, or loves animals.

    You can find the source of this story’s featured image here .

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