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    Report of stolen antique car in Door County has a happy ending (Hint: It actually wasn't stolen)

    By Christopher Clough, Green Bay Press-Gazette,


    DOOR COUNTY - A report to the Door County Sheriff's Office this past week of an antique car that was stolen more than a year ago in southern Door County came to a happy ending a couple days later, with the car not actually stolen and back in the owner's possession.

    According to the sheriff's office, the report apparently was the result of the owner of the vehicle, a 1922 Overland, not responding to the owner of the property where the car was stored in an outbuilding for years.

    After the owner reported to the sheriff's office this past week that his vehicle had gone missing in January of 2023, the sheriff's office posted a request for information on the apparent theft Wednesday, April 17, on its Facebook page.

    "This was reported to us this week, and that is why we are putting it out," a post said. "It is a unique vehicle, and someone might have information."

    However, the sheriff's office Facebook page was updated Friday to say the tan Overland convertible had been located and returned to its owner.

    Sgt. Investigator Chris Neuville told the Advocate the issue arose when the owner of the property where the car was stored sold the property and was moving out. They contacted the Overland owner multiple times to ask him to remove the car but he didn't respond. So on moving day, a friend of the property owner volunteered to tow the Overland and store it on their property, which is where the car has been for the last 15 months.

    The car owner recently tried to get the car back without knowing it was stored elsewhere, and when he couldn't find it, that's when he filed the missing vehicle report, Neuville said.

    When the sheriff's office posted their request for information on its Facebook page and the Advocate and other media outlets picked up the story, the person storing the car let Neuville know they had it, not stolen, in their possession. The car was then retrieved and returned to its owner at 11 a.m. Friday, and no charges were filed.

    "With us posting it on Facebook and it getting out to the media, I can't say enough about a community where everybody worked together on this and got the vehicle back to its rightful owner," Neuville said Friday. "So it all worked out in the end."

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