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    Husband Of 60 Year’s Awe-Stricken Love & Admiration For Wife’s Life Work Is Melting The Hearts Of Millions

    By Taylor Cunningham,


    A short but perfectly sweet TikTok video that showcases a husband admiring his wife’s painting has melted nearly 14 million hearts in only two days. And we have to say, it’s the perfect example of couple goals.

    Alice Williams, a painter who lives in the South of France, has been earning praise from her followers for years. Alice regularly posts videos of her work that earn thousands of likes and comments for good reason. She’s incredibly talented.

    However, no one appreciates her work as much as her husband. He has made it into several of her videos, always offering support. But Alice caught one precious moment between her and her love that moved people to tears.

    Alice posted a video of that moment on Monday with “Be with someone who supports your passions,” written over the screen. It shows her husband standing in her studio marveling over her most current work.

    “Absolutely incredible,” he says, visibly moved by her creativity and skill.

    Alice’s husband opens the glass door behind her to let more light in as she works. Then he crosses his arms and “shakes his head in disbelief.”

    My passion + my person,” Alice captioned.

    People Gush Over Husband’s Genunie and Honest Love

    The genuine feelings he has for Alice and her art pour out of the video. People immediately knew that moment was a pure and perfect example of what love really is.

    “He really sees her for her,” someone wrote. “How beautiful. I can only hope that I’ll be seen the way he looks at her.”

    “The love we all hope to find,” another person captioned.

    “A love as pure as any story we will ever listen to,” Audible wrote.

    “The energy in this video screams healthy this is amazing!!!!” someone gushed. “To have just one person in your life that sees you for you and creates a safe space for you to thrive in your passions and gifts.”

    Share this story with all the romantics in your life to remind them that true love really does exist.

    You can find the source of this story’s featured image here .

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