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    Mesmerizing: Two-Story House Floating In San Francisco Bay Has Locals Transfixed

    By Kelsey Bjork,


    During the recent total solar eclipse, millions of people across the United States gathered to enjoy this rare, special event. Meanwhile, some folks in the San Francisco Bay area had two unique sites to behold: the eclipse and a floating house.

    The wood-shingled, two-story home was first seen on April 7 . It was being guided by a slow tow boat, and seemingly no one had any clue as to who owned it, why it was in the bay, or where it was going. Luckily, curious locals finally have many of the answers to the questions they’ve been asking!

    Turns out, this houseboat is originally from the Redwood City marina. This location used to house more than 100 people. Then, in 2015, the city began to evict residents after they filed lawsuits against the city. Residents were awarded payouts to relocate.

    Floating House Puzzles and Delights Locals in the San Francisco Bay Area

    This home is the last houseboat to be moved from the area. Its new owner, Phil Hott, plans to replace it with his current houseboat at a different location. Needless to say, the moving process hasn’t been all smooth sailing.

    “It was up a twisty channel, so you have to have the tide right and you have to come down without the wind blowing you into the bank,” Phil says . “These things are very heavy. Then it has to travel through the Bay. And the winds and the tide changes and the current is going out. You don’t want it to drag you out to the Golden Gate Bridge.”

    Still, the home eventually arrived at its new destination in the Commodore Marina in Sausalito, much to the delight of Phil and the locals who became invested in this peculiar home’s journey. Or, as many have called it, the water version of the home in Pixar’s Up !

    You can find the source of this story’s featured image here !

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