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    New podcast reveals what prison at ‘Camp Cupcake’ is like for Skylar Neese’s killers

    By Sam Kirk,


    CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — The new podcast “Three” has revived interest in the 2012 murder of Monongalia County teen, Skylar Neese , and one episode gives an inside look into the life that her killers, Shelia Eddy and Rachel Shoaf , are living behind bars.

    During Chapter 8 of the podcast, titled “Why? Why? Why?” hosts Justine Harman and Holly Millea talk to Stormy Wilson, a 46-year-old who served time in the Lakin Correctional Center in Mason County, West Virginia alongside Eddy and Shoaf.

    Sometimes referred to as “Camp Cupcake”— a nickname borrowed from West Virginia’s Federal Prison Camp Alderson where Martha Stewart served time —the facility has a reputation for being “cushy.” On the podcast, Wilson, who also served time in a prison in North Carolina, said that Eddy and Shoaf “don’t really know what prison is like” even though they’ve been there since 2014.

    She explains that inmates are allowed music and gaming systems for entertainment and tablets so they can contact family and friends almost whenever they want.

    ABC News revisits 2012 murder of Mon County teen Skylar Neese in new 2-hour special

    Although Eddy and Shoaf are restricted compared to some other prisoners because they are serving time for violent crimes, they have both been able to get an education and have degrees in culinary arts; Shoaf also has gotten her cosmetology license, according to the podcast, and leads prayer group, choir and holiday plays while at Lakin.

    Wilson said that because the case was so high profile, Lakin’s “two most famous inmates” also receive “stacks and stacks of fan mail.” Wilson said because of their fans, even if their families were not in the picture, Eddy and Shoaf would “never be without.”

    Wilson said after she got out of prison in 2017, she wanted to make sure Skylar’s family knew what was actually going on behind bars, so she reached out to her parents, Dave and Mary Neese.

    During Shoaf’s parole hearing , Dave Neese repeated what he has said in interviews time and time again: Why should Eddy and Shoaf have good lives when Skylar has none at all?

    “Because of the malicious monster, my child will never get a limo ride to her prom, instead she got a ride in a coroner’s vehicle. Also there was no sparkling gown for Skylar, just a body bag. She will never have a certificate of graduation, only a death certificate, because of this inmate’s actions,” Dave Neese said.

    Shoaf, who admitted during her parole hearing last year that she and Eddy killed Skylar because they were in a secret relationship and feared being found out, even got married while in prison. Although there is no physical contact allowed between inmates, “Three” said that Shoaf fell in love with her cellmate, Amy. They got married after Amy was released but divorced in 2022.

    Wilson said that Eddy “thrives” in prison and has tons of friends.

    “It’s sad that she has her own little, like, colony. She’s like the queen ant,” Wilson said while being interviewed on the podcast.

    As for Shoaf, Wilson said, “I don’t think she’s going to survive anywhere.”

    Shoaf, who is serving a sentence for second-degree murder, was denied parole in May 2023 but is eligible for her next parole hearing after May 1, 2024. Shelia Eddy, who is serving a life sentence for first-degree murder, will be eligible for her first parole hearing after May 1, 2028.

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