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    Trump Spends Easter Morning on a Social Media Bender — With Whopping 43 POSTS About Judge Engoron, Jon Stewart and More

    By Jennifer Bowers Bahney,


    Kyle Mazza/NurPhoto via AP

    Donald Trump was very busy on Easter morning on frantic social media bender — posting and re-posting grievances to his Truth Social account dozens and dozens of times.

    Before 12 noon ET, the former president had populated his account with 43 additional “Truths” and “Re-Truths.”

    The re-posts almost all came from Conservative media outlets like the Washington Times , Newsmax, Breitbart, and more. They included stories about the White House banning religious-themed Easter egg designs, the White House honoring Transgender Day of Visibility on the same day as Easter, and one about Judge Juan Merchan’s daughter, whom he named and criticized on Truth Social this week.

    There was even a repost of Mary K. Jacob’s New York Post article titled, “ Jon Stewart found to have overvalued his NYC home by 829% after labeling Trump’s civil case ‘not victimless.'” Mediaite’s Sarah Rumpf debunked the “laughably wrong claim” that the Post ran with — which got traction from an online troll.

    “It is simply not accurate to say Stewart ‘overvalued’ his property ‘by a staggering 829%,'” Rumph wrote, continuing:

    What’s happening here is Pool, Jacob, and other critics attacking Stewart are conflating three different types of real estate values. Whether that’s being done through an innocent mistake or a deliberate effort to spread misinformation, we’ll leave it to the reader to decide

    In keeping with Trump’s “ Jesus” allegory and his Bible sales, he retweeted a story titled aptly enough for Easter, “ The Crucifixion of Donald Trump .”

    Trump also posted some original content complaining about NY Attorney Gen. Letitia James and Judge Arthur Engoron —  demanding the gag order which the latter imposed on him be rescinded. In the same post, Trump announced that he will, in fact, pay the reduced  $175 million bond allowed by the New York appeals court after he was initially ordered to pay nearly half-a-billion dollars.

    “We will abide by the decision of the Appellate Division, and post either a bond, equivalent securities, or cash. This also shows how ridiculous and outrageous Engoron’s original decision was at $450 Million,” Trump wrote.

    Trump also copied and pasted pieces of articles about the civil judgment against him from Byron York, Ruth Marcus, and Cenk Uygur.

    And more re-posts followed.

    Trump has not shared if he planned to spend Easter Sunday in church, with his family, or reading one of his newly-minted “American Bibles.” But one thing seems sure — the posting will continue regardless.

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