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    Holcomb signs bill allowing most statewide office holders to carry guns in the Statehouse

    By Brittany Carloni, Indianapolis Star,


    Gov. Eric Holcomb signed a bill into law on Wednesday that allows most statewide elected officials to carry guns at the Statehouse. It also prohibits credit card companies from declining a purchase at Indiana gun stores based on how companies may categorize a firearm purchase.

    The ability for state officers to carry on the grounds of the Indiana Statehouse was resurrected and added to House Enrolled Act 1084 during the last week of the legislative session after the original language from a Senate bill died in the House.

    State law already allowed members of the Indiana General Assembly to carry guns at the Statehouse , but under the new law the state comptroller, treasurer, secretary of state and attorney general will also have that right. Members of the public are not allowed to carry firearms on the capitol complex.

    Indiana Treasurer Daniel Elliott advocated for the ability to carry a gun at the Statehouse during committee testimony on Senate Bill 14 , which originally included the language. Elliott told Senators in January that all four of the statewide officers agreed with that provision of the original Senate bill.

    From 2016: Senate passes bill to allow more guns at the Statehouse

    IndyStar asked the offices of all four Republican statewide elected officials if they plan to carry at the Statehouse. Here's what those who responded said.

    Treasurer Daniel Elliott

    In a statement to IndyStar, Elliott said he is thankful the language allowing him to carry at the Statehouse was passed and signed into law. Elliott told the Senate committee in January that he personally has carried a gun for "many" years.

    “I’m thankful to the General Assembly for their work on this issue,” Elliott said in the statement to IndyStar. “Our 2nd Amendment rights should not end at the steps of the statehouse. I applaud Gov. Holcomb for signing this bill into law.”

    Attorney General Todd Rokita

    A spokesperson for Rokita's office told IndyStar that the attorney general has "always stood up for the Second Amendment rights of all Hoosiers." But the spokesperson said Rokita does not feel he needs to carry a gun to defend himself "in a state where he is so beloved."

    Secretary of State Diego Morales

    A spokesperson for the secretary of state said Morales has not felt unsafe at the Statehouse and has "full trust" in Capitol Police.

    "As a Second Amendment supporter, he appreciates the opportunity for himself and future Indiana Secretaries of State to have the choice to carry," the spokesperson said.

    Comptroller Elise Nieshalla

    A spokesperson for state Comptroller Elise Nieshalla said the office did not plan to share whether she would carry a gun at the Statehouse, due to security concerns.

    But in a statement provided to IndyStar, Nieshalla expressed thanks for the opportunity House Enrolled Act 1084 provides state officers.

    “I appreciate the efforts of the Indiana General Assembly for providing statewide elected officials the same right-to-carry that they have on Statehouse grounds to further protect ourselves,” Nieshalla said. “In addition, I offered my great thanks to the men and women of the State Police who work everyday to keep us safe.”

    Contact IndyStar's state government and politics reporter Brittany Carloni at or 317-779-4468. Follow her on Twitter /X @CarloniBrittany .

    This article originally appeared on Indianapolis Star: Holcomb signs bill allowing most statewide office holders to carry guns in the Statehouse

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