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The family of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Photo byPastor Chris Oyakhilome
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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a worldwide Christian leader raised by a family that continues to instill lessons of faith in various communities globally. His work alone has expanded to the entire world.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s inspiration for this lifelong work stems from his family, particularly his parents. His siblings and children also take after the Oyakhilome parents, building new communities, and giving their time and faith-based efforts to larger causes in multiple industries – whether it’s business, art, or music.

The pastor’s parents are Elder Tim E. Oyakhilome and Angelina, who raised their children in Edo State, Nigeria. It was here that Elder Tim E. and Angelina spread messages of love, faith, and kindness to their children.

Aside from Pastor Chris, the Oyakhilome parents raised his siblings Rev. Ken Oyakhilome, Evang. Kathy Woghiren, and Pastor Linda Okocha. They are all devoted to their faith and helping others in the community.

The impact of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s family

Raised in the Oyakhilome family, all the children learned about Christianity and implemented programs for others as soon as they were old enough. This was due to Elder Tim E. and Angelina providing a deep understanding of congregation-based work from their young ages.

Helping others in need and telling important stories were integral values in Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s family. In fact, many of the siblings are involved with the same initiatives. Aside from Elder Tim E. founding the Assemblies of God Church in Benin City, Nigeria, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome established Christ Embassy.

Rev. Ken serves as the pastor of Christ Embassy’s Houston branch. He is also a Christ Embassy Central Executive Council member. This is just the beginning of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s family’s work and involvement across the globe.

Who are the Oyakhilome parents?

Unfortunately, Elder Tim E. Oyakhilome passed away in 2008. Until his death, he was the Dean of Studies at the LoveWorld Ministerial College (LMC), which is part of Christ Embassy. He also taught in many other positions throughout his life.

It is told that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome went on his first mission at the youthful age of nine - a testament to an upbringing rooted in positive Christian influence.

Angelina Oyakhilome is known for her loving-kindness and devotion to Christianity. Her children have their hands in a variety of programs and still carry out the lessons they learned in the Edo State home.

This is a clear example of Angelina teaching meaningful lessons from the children’s young ages. They all are still on the path of constant growth and initiative regarding religion.

Family: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s daughters

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s family also includes his two daughters, Carissa Sharon and Charlene. They are both passionate about their personal interests and business endeavors.

Carissa Sharon is the eldest daughter. She is heavily involved in faith initiatives, and she sings gospel music to uplift others.

She married Philip Frimpong, a Dutch-born Ghanaian businessman, in 2018. He has an artful eye and runs a business specializing in African wax prints. It is clear that the Pastor Chris Oyakhilome family is deeply passionate about not only faith but art and its relationship to a spiritual lifestyle.

Charlene uplifts the world with her advising and consulting in the beauty industry. She resides in London and works as Director of Body Crush London Ltd. Her work aligns with the way she was raised by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

She is a true entrepreneur that invests in her interests and values. Moreover, she helps women feel more confident. This is her demonstration of the Oyakhilome family’s classic loving-kindness.

The Pastor Chris Oyakhilome family helps people in need

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is involved in various programs around the world through his establishment of Christ Embassy. He provides televised broadcasts of high-quality sermons, discussions, and masses. He also has an online library full of resources such as e-books, podcasts, and video streams.

Other opportunities through Christ Embassy include requests for healing and prayer, donations to meaningful organizations, and on-demand shows.

Under Christ Embassy, there are also non-profit organizations. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome puts helping others at high importance, especially when it comes to human necessities. This includes providing those in need with water, food, shelter, and education. The Volunteer Medical Corps and The Inner City Mission are two examples of his effort to always give.

The Pastor Chris Oyakhilome family was raised with strong roots and values that allowed them to venture into helping others. Every single family member is involved with some entity that is bigger than themselves, understanding the importance of faithful communities.

For years to come, the Oyakhilome family is expected to stretch their arms even further, inspiring a refresher on faith and Christian family values. Many of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s family members work with Christ Embassy in some way, demonstrating just how far he has gone to make a true impact on the world.

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