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Fans Think Julianne Hough Looks Unrecognizable In New Instagram Post: 'This Doesn't Even Look Like Her, What Happened?'

By Maria Pierides,

Splash News

Julianne Hough has been plagued by cosmetic surgery rumors for a while now; especially when pictures from her early career were compared with more recent ones and many fans thought she looked like a completely different person! And now, the 34-year-old Dancing with the Stars alum, who has been revealed as Tyra Banks’ replacement as co-host on the show, alongside Alfonso Ribeiro, has added even more fuel to the fire, as many fans deemed her appearance in one of her latest Instagram posts truly unrecognizable! While some of it could have been due to her darker hair color, most of her fans thought her unrecognizable appearance must have been down to things like Botox and fillers.

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Fans Say Julianne Hough Looks Unrecognizable

“I don’t recognize you anymore,” stated one fan, to which one replied, “Thinking the same thing,” and another added, “Can’t be the same person. no way.” Another fan replied, “My first thought – ‘Who are you?'” “I am a Hough fan but I have to admit I did not recognize her. I had to look at the name and comments to find out who she was. Not that she doesn’t look good… just didn’t recognize her,” wrote another fan.

“Lip filler. Too much,” another fan bluntly said, while someone else quipped, “Someone had some work done.” “What did you do to your face? I barely recognized you,” another fan said. Another referenced not just the alleged work Julianne has had, but also the alleged cosmetic treatments done by other A-listers. “Cheeks and chin don’t look the same either. Her and Derek had the same face shape and bone structure. And yeah… the lips. Ugh. She was so gorgeous before. Why do women get into Hollywood and do this to themselves?” “She’s had a lot of work done. Seems to be the thing to do now,” said another.

“Who is this? Not really her,” questioned another fan. “Wow she looks really different now, beautiful still, but I wouldn’t recognize who she was in public anymore,” another fan commented, which many others agreed with. “This does not even look like her, what happened? She was so beautiful before – her own way. Not saying hair, eyebrows doesn’t look good but this is another person.” “I totally a hundred percent agree she looks nothing like she used to. They all do this,” another wrote, again, seemingly referencing other A-listers. “This is not you. Please remain your true self,” begged another.

The Grease Live! star already sparked a lot of concern from fans when she posted the above picture on Instagram last year, as they said she looked “so different;” but her 2023 appearance has shocked them even more, as her lips appear even plumper, and her skin appears to be even tighter and smoother, with not one single wrinkle in sight!

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Positive Fan Comments About The New Hair

Despite all the negative comments surrounding the alleged cosmetic treatments, the Footloose actress's hair did actually get (most of) her fans' seal of approval! "I love this hair color on her. I think she looks gorgeous and seems so much happier than she was," one fan commented. "Your hair right now is fabulous! Color and style! Absolutely love it!" exclaimed one approving fan, followed by the red heart emoji and fire emoji.

"Literally! It’s perfection!" replied another, adding, "Suits her so well too! Really highlights those eyes," followed by a fire emoji. "Agreed! Saved it to my hair folder a few times!" said another. "I was just about to say that! It's so natural looking," replied yet another fan, followed by the red heart emoji. "The hair is great 'cuz it looks natural. Looks like she's messing with her lips, which is unfortunate," someone else noted.

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