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7-year-old girl mauled by pitbulls, mother wants answers

By Darrylin Horne,


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A local mom is distraught after her 7-year-old was mauled by two pit bulls.
Her mom just wants answers from animal control on what will be done about this as her daughter recovers from surgery.

The 7-year-old has injuries from head to toe after two dogs attacked her on Saturday.
The mom told 6 News the child was visiting her dad when his neighbor’s dogs attacked her.

Her dad’s fiancée was there at the time and stopped the attack. 6 News has photos, but they are graphic. They will be shown at the bottom of this article, but viewer discretion is advised.

“She was screaming to the top of her lungs and she begged me, saying “Shertta, Sheretta please don’t let me die” and I said I’m not gonna let you die sweetheart, I promise I got you. I got you,” said Sheretta Lee, the father’s fiancée.

Sarae’s mother has been at Sparrow Hospital since the attack happened. She says she didn’t know until she arrived how terrible her daughters injuries were.

“She has a really bad open wound. Skin is taken off so she may have to have reconstructive surgery on her right thigh. There was a lot of tissue and all that showing. She had chunks taken out of her back her butt on her left side,” said mother Latasha Williams.

After being in surgery for over three hours, Williams says doctors were able to repair some of Sarae’s wounds but that she may need more procedures. Lee says she’s glad her dog Abby was there at the time.

“I have a dog too. And my dog Abby went and jumped on the other dog and bit the other dog
to release Sarae and dragged Sarae a little bit to me, and I picked her up and we were able to get her into a threshold, but the dog still tried to come at us and through the house,” said Lee.

“I don’t know if they were fighting dogs or what, but there’s kids in that neighborhood. What I would like to see happen is those dogs being detained, and possibly taken out of the care of the owners,” said Williams.

6 News spoke with the director at Ingham County Animal Control to see where the dogs that were involved are now. They said they don’t exactly know, and that they are investigating.

As for Sarae, her mom says she’s done physical therapy and that she was finally able to walk a few steps this morning.

Pictures below, viewer discretion is advised.

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