Fourth Stimulus Check For SS Beneficiaries: $1,400 For Seniors Likely To Arrive 2022

Business Times
Business Times

With the U.S. public facing an increased risk of economic troubles due to a sharp increase in COVID-19 infections as a result of the Omicron variant, a fourth stimulus check for the elderly has become an essential next step.
Fourth Stimulus Check For SS Beneficiaries: $1,400 For Seniors Likely To Arrive 2022Reuters

During the COVID-19, three rounds of stimulus checks were distributed to citizens in the U.S. as the government sought to provide financial support amid rising inflation and job uncertainty; however, while a fourth stimulus check does not appear likely, Social Security beneficiaries may be in line for a surprise stimulus check package.

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Willow's Love

Not one politician or the presidential administration has said this was happening... If this was true they'd be preaching it because it makes them look good for elections. I believe this article is spin.

P- Man

This stimulus checks for elderly and disabled people are highly needed. These guys can’t increase their wages, as in overtime and so on. It is in order that they are catered to by the stingy government.

Carolyn Dupree

I think it's a sad thing to give Seniors hope that extra money will be sent out. Should be ashamed to give hope to most low income people. If they wanted to help do something about the cost of Medicare Supplements we have to pay. We have to have them to pay for what Medicare doesn't. Taking in illegals and furnishing taxis and private flights to drop them where they are going. We don't owe them anything but a way back to where they came from.


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