Jennifer Lopez Allegedly Split From Ben Affleck After She Faced Backlash For Defending His ‘Trapped’ Comments

Entertainment Times
Entertainment Times

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have allegedly called it quits. In its Jan. 10 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that Lopez was forced to end her relationship with Affleck following the backlash she received for supporting the actor.
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Weeks ago, Lopez proved how loyal she is to Affleck when she continued to stand by his side in the wake of his comments against Jennifer Garner.

However, Lopez’s refusal to publicly put Affleck in his place did not sit well with her fans who decided to stop supporting her if she won’t call it quits with the actor.

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LOL… having fans dictate your relationships…. Hollywood folks are soooooo Messed up. They really are a dysfunctional group…along with their fans.

Donna Barlow

These, "romances", in Hollywood land make me laugh. Because Lopez didn't immediately jump down Affleck's throat about comments made against the ex, their engagement is over. Love just doesn't rate in Hollywood. These people miss all the good stuff in a relationship. So glad I'm just a people enjoying life for me, not others.

My Mindset

Who cares? These are two co-dependent people who can’t be alone with themselves for two minutes…


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