Victoria Beckham's Appearance On US TV Show Overshadowed By Comments About Her Face


As if her fashion range wasn’t enough to keep her busy, Victoria Beckham has now released another new beauty product.

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But the Spice Girls’ star left some viewers a little distracted after her latest TV appearance, with some pointing out she looked so different.

The mum-of-four appeared on Good Morning America on Tuesday to chat about her latest product, Cheeky Posh, cheek color.

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She also spoke about her husband David and how likely she’d be to get the band back together and go on tour with her former girl band.
Victoria Beckham on God Mornign America Pic: MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock

While Victoria was on TV, several people took to the internet to comment on her appearance and theorize on whether she’d had some work done to her lips.

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‘Love Victoria Beckham but what’s been done to her lips is a shame,’ one person said on the social media site.

‘Victoria Beckham got the extra good lip filler I see,’ wrote one person on Twitter.

Victoria, who recently revealed her favorite meal is salt on toast, opted for a bright and stylish look for her TV appearance, rocking a red shirt paired with yellow trousers.

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Speaking with the Good Morning America hosts, Victoria shut down any ideas that she might join a Spice Girls reunion.
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She teased: ‘I’m going to get cheeky posh on you… I think the Spice Girls was such a big success and something I enjoyed so much, but I think my time singing on stage is behind me.

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‘Now focussing on fashion and beauty is my passion and what I love about the beauty is getting in the lab.. that’s my creative outlet now rather than singing and dancing.’
Pic: MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock

Showing off her sense of humor, Victoria added: ‘It’s developing products I love and working closely with my community so ultimately I’m giving them what they want, what they really really want.’

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Victoria had everyone laughing at her fun wordplay, with the fashion designer looking equally pleased with her joke.

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Jaime Corder Braswell

Why does everyone judge and make nasty comments about people? Who cares what she did or did not do. Mind your business and your manners.

Barb Clark

Well she isn't a very attractive woman in the first place! Would it kill her to smile once in a while?


It’s almost like her teeth, lips, her jaw and full mouth are just wrestling each other to let her talk……..almost every word has a shhhhhhhh sound😂😂😂😂😂🤢These women and their injectables🤣🤢


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