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Tiny Idaho Town Shaken by Big Tragedy: 10-year-old Killed by Flying Rock

Tiny Idaho Town Shaken by Big TragedyFacebook

Idaho State News by Evan Green, Crime and Justice Bureau Chief

In Idaho, a young girl was killed when a rock crashed through her windshield.

Kambrie Horsley, 10, was seated next to her father, Brad Horsley, as he was driving a car in the southeast part of the state when a rock shot through the windshield and struck Kambrie in the head.

When her father arrived at the Oneida County Hospital, she was airlifted to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City. Kambrie was pronounced dead shortly after she arrived at the hospital.

Investigators think a semi-truck traveling on a parallel road ran over the rock, causing the rock to fly into the Horsleys' vehicle.

Sheriff's deputies have identified the semi-truck driver involved in the incident. The driver had no idea that the rock had been thrown into the vehicle by the truck.

An investigation determined this was a tragic accident, and that no one was guilty of any crime.

Malad City is a tiny town in Idaho with a population of just around 2,000.
Tiny Idaho Town Shaken by Big TragedyFacebook

In a heartbreaking post on social media, Brad Horsley said this.

Heaven gained the perfect angel today. She was the best all around girl. I don’t know what I’ll do without her... Thank you for your thoughts, texts and prayers. Love my Kam Kam...Can’t wait to see you again. I’ll Love you forever. I know I’ll see you again!! Please continue to pray for us. This family will need it!!! She was the BEST. Families are forever!!!

How do you feel? What do you think?

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Lee Bojorquez

Sad is how I feel for this accident. Heaven must have needed another angel. And that's what I was thinking about taking the truck driver down. Now he has that for the rest of his life. I feel sorry for him also.

Bailey Rose Mcclaflin

this hurts my heart so bad for you and your family. may God bring your heart comfort in this horrible time. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Margaret Whaley Wilcox

So so sorry for your loss! May God bless your family with some peace and comfort from the Holy Ghost as no other can.


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