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Ohio Woman Smuggles Drugs Into Jail in Her Bra During 70th Arrest

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Portsmouth, Ohio

A woman arrested in southern Ohio for the 70th time made a rookie mistake and tried to smuggle meth into the jail.

Officers took a woman into custody for an open warrant during a traffic stop on Robinson Avenue at 11:33 am.

Police dropped her off at the jail where she managed to get into even more trouble when jail personnel discovered drugs in her bra. She admitted to an officer it was ice (meth).

Jail staff planned to file charges against her for bringing drugs into the facility. As it was Adrienne Logan’s 70th arrest, you’d think she’d know they search you pretty well when they book you.

The court ordered her release without bond the next day.

Also in Southern Ohio:

Mom Hides Fugitive

A Robinson Avenue mother found herself in big trouble with the police and CPS after she hid a man in her apartment even though she knew the police were looking for him.

Officers took the fugitive and the woman into custody and also contacted CPS because there was a child in the home. PPD spoke with a CPS caseworker and the child’s grandmother picked it up.

Child Endangerment

A caller asked police to check on the welfare of a child at 1;44 pm. The caller claimed there were roaches and drug use in the home.

Additionally, the caller said the child was sexually assaulted and the mother took no action. Officers went to the home but no one answered.

A neighbor told police no one had been home for a week. Police said they would check back later.

Panhandling Problem

Police responded to the McDonald’s on Gallia for a report of a man asking for money who continued to stand at customers’ vehicles after they refused to give him money.

At 6:45 pm, police were called back to Gallia Street for the same man harassing people for money at AT&T Wireless. The man left before the police arrived.

Half an hour later, officers were called back to AT & T for the same man harassing customers. This time, police spoke to the man and advised him to leave.

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Comments / 124