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We Survived COVID, Now Buckle up for a Rough Hurricane Season in Florida

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Malinda Fusco
Malinda Fusco
 12 days ago
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After the craziness of 2020 and COVID, we deserve a break, right? Well, the weather doesn't seem to think so. 2021 promises to bring a slew of hurricanes as summer goes into full swing. Florida, it seems, may get the worst of it.

This article discusses what experts predict hurricane season 2021 will look like in general, for the sunshine state, specifically, and a life-saving tip from a lead hurricane researcher.

Hurricane Season 2021: A General Forecast
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For some frame of reference, an average hurricane season typically has 12 tropical storms. Of those 12 tropical storms, 6 become hurricanes. This year, 2021, has decided to be an above-average year. Experts predict that as many as 17 tropical storms could form (5 more than the average) and that 8 could become hurricanes (2 more than the average).

The World Meteorological Organization has already named our potential storms. Here's who is on the roster:

  1. Ana
  2. Bill
  3. Claudette
  4. Danny
  5. Elsa
  6. Fred
  7. Grace
  8. Henri
  9. Ida
  10. Julian
  11. Kate
  12. Larry
  13. Mindy
  14. Nicholas
  15. Odette
  16. Peter
  17. Rose
  18. Sam
  19. Teresa
  20. Victor
  21. Wanda

Even though less than 21 are predicted, they like to be prepared. Now, these predictions are not Florida-specific. They are for the entire Atlantic hurricane season. Hurricane season isn't looking great for Florida this year, though.

Hurricane Season for Florida, Specifically
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Florida fared very well last year. In 2020, believe it or not, hurricane season was absolutely record-breaking. There were 30 named storms in total! None made landfall in Florida.

This year, Florida probably won't be as lucky.

Scientists actually predict that there's a 45% chance that a major hurricane (Cat 3 or bigger) will hit Florida's east coast. Yes, that's less than half, but only slightly.

Philip Klotzbach, a hurricane researcher, is concerned that because of last year's luck, people won't prepare for this year's forecast. He commented on that issue specifically.

With another eight hurricanes forecasted for 2021, it’s certainly possible that one or more will again find their way to the Sunshine State.

He went on to say that he was worried specifically about cities that are close to the coast and prone to storm surges from hurricanes.

A Major Hurricane Tip from Lead Researcher

Philip Klotzbach has given countless tips before, and some he gives again and again. One such tip is to follow evacuation orders as directed by local authorities. If a major hurricane is on the way, following evacuation orders can be the very difference between life or death.

“If you’re in a well-built house, you can likely hide from the wind. But you absolutely have to run from the storm surge. If emergency managers tell you to evacuate, you need to get out of there ASAP.”

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