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Atlanta, GA

Atlanta enters Phase 3 of reopening as Covid-19 cases decline

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Sophie-Ann McCulloch
Sophie-Ann McCulloch
 16 days ago
Matteo Jorjoson/Unsplash

The City of Atlanta has officially advanced to Phase 3 of its roadmap for reopening. The city will now be accepting Class C event applications or events with 10,000 to 19,999 attendees.

As the city recovers from the pandemic and sees a continuous decline in the number of infections in the city, it will be preparing for Phases 4 and 5, when employees and members of the public are allowed to enter city facilities.

The city will allow non-mission critical government employees to resume in-person operations when the city achieves Phase 4 targets before June 7. The city revealed it currently does not have sufficient data to make a clear plan for when it will implement Phase 5 or when it will allow visitors in city facilities. Residents and visitors are still barred from entering the City Hall.

Meanwhile, frontline staff has been working on-site and in-person since the beginning pandemic to ensure that essential City services could operate uninterrupted.

During these phases, health protocols will still be mandatory following the CDC Covid-19 Guidelines. While proof of vaccination will not be required to enter City facilities, staff and visitors are highly encouraged to get vaccinated to protect themselves and those around them. Furthermore, new safety and sanitation measures will be implemented, such as:

  • Masks will be required in City facilities for vaccinated and unvaccinated people
  • Health officials will screen employees and members of the public entering city facilities for COVID-19 symptoms and exposure
  • Temperature screening devices have been installed at public entrances
  • Implementation of rigorous cleaning protocols for the security bins at the security checkpoint entrances
  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout City facilities
  • Increased cleaning frequency at City facilities
  • New janitorial cleaning and disinfecting system installed, including foggers that sanitize the entire space
  • Discontinued use of water fountains
  • Enhanced air systems to improve airflow and ventilation
  • Touchless soap dispensers in restrooms