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New York City, NY

NYC Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow Right Now | Pt 2

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Rachel On Trend
Rachel On Trend
 21 days ago

So I've made the part 1 of this article already - featuring 5 more great and stylish fashion bloggers from NYC that honestly everyone should be following for all of the outfit inspiration! And if you haven't read that article yet than you should definitely check it out! But I had just way to many instagram accounts that I just had to write a second article about the fashion accounts that I love. So here it is! Five more great fashion and styling NYC instagram accounts that honestly you just need to follow!

@allieprovost (Allie Provost)

Now, I don’t think this first instagrammer technically considers herself a fashion blogger, rather a fashion photographer. However, her own personal style is just so good, and I felt like she totally deserved a spot on this list! On Allie’s page you’ll find tons of bright, beautiful, and impeccable styling! She’s got a preppy style with a fun edge and wears tons of bright colors! She also makes hilarious Tik Tok videos and Reels that are so entertaining.

@kelseykotzur (Kelsey Kotzur)

While this next fashion blogger isn’t technically a gen z (at least I don’t think she is) she is serving up ALL of the latest fashion trends just like the true gen z kids. Kelsey Kotzur is my go to fashion inspiration page when I am looking for something super trendy and hip to wear. Her style is super wearable and perfect for a chic everyday look. I also love her Tik Tok styling videos.

@lexiconofstyle (Alexandra)

Next up we have Lexicon of Style also known as Alexandra. And once again, she isn’t technically a New Yorker anymore, but she used to be so I am including her on this list! Alexandra posts some of the chicest styling photos I’ve ever seen and I just love her outfits! She always has the trendiest pieces and knows exactly how to style them!

@officialmacrose (Mac)

I also wanted to include a couple of smaller influencers on this list, which brings us to our last 2 fashion bloggers. First is @officialmacrose, or Mac. Her personal style is just so lovely and the photos she takes are absolutely stunning - I just can’t get over it! Her feed is so aesthetic and I just love how she uses so many different locations throughout the city as the backdrops to her photos.

@ellasfashionfix (Ella)

And last but certainly not least, another small influencer, @ellasfashionfix. Ella has the coolest sense of style of anyone on this list! Each and everyone of her outfits are so unique but just so cool and trendy too! Her styling is just on point and you can tell she’s not afraid of taking fashion risks. If you love cool and unique street style inspiration, then Ella’s instagram account is an absolute must follow!