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Chicago, IL

Great Places to Drink Bubble Tea Around Chicago

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Brandon Wang
Brandon Wang
 17 days ago
Photo by Orimi Protograph on UnsplashUnsplash

Around the Midwest, bubble tea or boba shops have not been all that common but the trending popularity of these sweet drinks has since been the catalyst for countless bubble tea shops popping up around Chicago. These drinks vary from very traditional milk tea and tapioca pearls to fruit smoothies with flavored, popping boba. Bubble tea can come in all sorts of flavors and colors and there is something for everyone. For those around Chicago looking for a new bubble tea spot, here are a few great locations to check out.

1. Joy Yee

Out of all the bubble tea shops in Chicago, Joy Yee is one of the most famous and popular destinations for all boba lovers. Joy Yee is a pan-asian restaurant that also serves some of the best bubble tea and fruit smoothies in the area. They have a location in Chicago's Chinatown square along with a few additional locations around the suburbs. They have dozens of different flavors and countless combinations. They even have some very quirky options like their Durian Fruit Freeze.

Joy Yee can be found located at 2139 S China Pl.

2. Hello Jasmine

Hello Jasmine is one of the best Taiwanese restaurants around Chicago and in addition to authentic Taiwanese cuisine, Hello Jasmine boasts some of the highest quality bubble tea around. All of their drinks contain fresh ingredients and never from any powders. The tea itself is brought over all the way from Taiwan and the legendary tapioca pearls are cooked in house and lathered in their signature brown sugar concoction. In addition to strong flavors and fresh ingredients for the tea itself, Hello Jasmine also has a huge selection of add ons like grass jelly and cheese foam.

Hello Jasmine can be found located at 953 W Webster Ave.

3. Uni Uni Bubble Tea

Uni Uni Bubble Tea is one of Chicago's classic bubble tea establishments and stands out from the crowd with their strikingly adorable unicorn mascot and logo. The drinks at Uni Uni include all the bubble tea classics from milk teas all the way to flavored yogurt drinks and crystal boba. Uni Uni is also a fan favorite for many since all of their drinks are expertly presented in creations that are perfect for posting on social media stories. One of the most aestetic options on the menu is the Handcrafted Garden Milk Tea which layers a level of cheese foam and orea crust on top of the milk tea which creates a "dirt" floor and mint leaves on top to give the impression of a cute little garden on top of the bubble tea.

Uni Uni Bubble Tea can be found located at 2171 S China Pl as well as 1130 W Argyle St.


ELITEA is another really instagrammable bubble tea spot on this list and in addition to looking great, the bubble teas taste just as incredible. The establishment itself can be found right inside of Richland Center, one of the most well known food courts in Chinatown. There are many popular drinks from ELITEA including their Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea and their Strawberry Latte with Panna Cotta. Additionally the menu even offers a whole gallon of milk tea which can be had for the small price of just under thirty dollars.

ELITEA can be found located at 2002 S Wentworth Ave in Chinatown's Richland Center.

5. Saint's Alp Teahouse

At Saint's Alp Teahouse, the almond black tea is the star of the show. Found right around the Lao Sze Chuan at Chinatown Square Plaza, Saint's Alp is a trendy bubble tea shop that has some of the best bang for your buck at any bubble tea shop around the city.

Saint's Alp Teahouse can be found located at 2157 S China Pl.