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Atlanta, GA

Seven-Time Pro Bowler Julio Jones on Future with Atlanta Falcons: 'I'm outta there, I want to win'

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LaShaun Williams
LaShaun Williams
 27 days ago
Dave Adamson/Unsplash

Julio Jones finally spoke up about his future with Atlanta Falcons after rumors about him swirled. During a call with Shannon Sharpe on FS1's "Undisputed" show on Monday, Jones answered Sharpe's questions on whether he wanted to go to the Cowboys or if he was staying— considering the fact he was seen wearing a Dallas sweatshirt recently.

In response to the question, Jones said "I'm outta there," and when asked where he wanted to go, he answered, "I want to win".

Previously in 2019, Jones signed a three-year contract extension worth $66 million with the Falcons.

Terry Fontenot, Falcons general manager, has also addressed this issue, saying:

"We hold that player in high regard. Pointing to the cap, pointing to the fact that we will answer calls on any players. When teams ask about players, we have to answer those calls. We have to listen because we knew when we stepped into this, we were going to have to make some tough decisions because it's just the reality of it, that's where we are with the salary cap. So we have to make some difficult decisions... If someone calls about any player, we have to discuss it and do what's right for the team," said Fontenot.

His statement reflects the recent drastic changes made in the team after their lukewarm performance last season, including the restructuring of the contracts of some players such as Matt Ryan, Jake Matthews and Deion Jones. However, Julio Jones' contract was not included in the list.

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