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Las Vegas, NV

The reality show pawn shop has become a two-story mega-center

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Jessica Rabbit
Jessica Rabbit
 29 days ago
gold and silver.Image by Christopher Muschitz from Pixabay

What was once a small, unknown, and unremarkable pawn shop on Las Vegas Boulevard has now grown to a vast two-story mega-plex. It’s called Gold and Silver Pawn and it’s sprawl is due to the success of the reality TV show based around the business. The show is called “Pawn Stars” and it’s spawned several copycat shows. There was even a short running musical at the Rio with the same name. It’s become quite the popular tourist destination.

While a couple years ago, the line outside Gold and Silver Pawn would often stretch down the block, the pawn shop owners have found a way to leverage their popularity. Instead of focusing on high-priced items like artwork, gold, silver, and other interesting works that would cost upwards of a thousand dollars, they’ve come to pice themselves in a much friendlier way — in a range that still captures the high-end buyer as well as those just looking to have an experience.

Their ingenious solution was to build a two-story mega-plex, which is simply a series of shipping containers stacked on top of each other and opened for business. There are places to get your photograph taken as a keepsake, places to buy small trinkets, and most prominently, there are places to eat. Whether you’re in the mood for tacos, BBQ, or ice cream, you can now wait with food in hand, instead of simply standing in a line that stretches down the street. And if you’re really in a pinch, you can visit “Who’s your daddy” Dad’s Bail Bonds that’s right next door.

The clever entrepreneurs at Gold and Silver Pawn have capitalized on the popularity of their show and created quite the draw for tourists. They’re sensitive to a variety of customers’ budgets and understand their customers’ food preferences. It’s a quick stop in Las Vegas, and if you were a fan of “Pawn Stars,” it’s probably on your list of places to visit!