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Spokane, WA

Ferrante's On The South Hill Is The Place To Go This Summer

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J.R. Heimbigner
J.R. Heimbigner
 24 days ago
Photo by Lynda Hinton on Unsplash

In 2009, I spent the summer in Italy. It was one of the best summers of my life. Ever since I have been trying to find places that can take me back to Italy one way or another. One of those places that have done it for me from time to time is Ferrante's Marketplace Cafe on the South Hill.

When my family moved back to the Spokane area, we started looking for great places to eat out. One of those places we found which seemed under the radar, was Ferrante's. Located on Regal and 46th, it sits in a little strip mall.

They have an outside patio that catches your eye. If you have never stopped in, you might just want to see what is going on in this little establishment. Especially as there are a few surprises inside.

Why You Should Stop In At Ferrante's

While every restaurant has something that will draw everyone in to make it their favorite place, Ferrante's reminds me of something about Italy. Sure, it could be the gelato case that sits right at the counter where you order.

Maybe it is the little cafe tables that remind me of some of the mom-and-pop shops that I ate at while in Italy too. Perhaps it is the simplicity of the environment. Whatever it is, I keep wanting to go back for more.

I think the key is how inviting the atmosphere is to sit down, eat, drink, and enjoy your time there. Whether you are there with family. Grabbing a drink with a friend. Or on a date night with your spouse. There is something for everyone too as it is super kid-friendly.

Heck, I have even spent afternoons working remotely there.

The Details on Ferrante's

Whenever we start looking into a new place to go, or one that we have seen while driving by but never decided to stop in, it is important to have a few of the details to set up your time there. Below, are some of the things to know before stopping in at Ferrante's.


I mentioned they are located near the corner of 46th and Regal. Their exact address is here. There is tons of parking and I have never seen the parking lot full, even when the restaurant is full. So, you will always have a place to park.


Their opens are super standard for a place that doesn't serve breakfast. They are open Monday through Saturday, 10:30 AM to 8:00 PM, and are closed on Sundays. This works great because you can grab lunch, stay for a coffee and gelato, and head back to work.


They are an Italian restaurant. Reading some articles on them and talking to the owner, you will find out that originally, they planned on being an Italian pizza kitchen. Yet, their menu has evolved into pasta, salads, calzones, and much more. You can check out their menu here.


Also, they are very family-friendly. They have kid's menus with coloring pages and crayons. The gelato of course is a big draw for the kiddos too. This is a big draw for me since I have three little girls and it is nice to be able to go out somewhere that wants the entire family to stop in and eat.

Final Thoughts

Ferrante's is the place to go for just about any situation.

Whether you are stopping in for a date night, a break from your day, dinner with the family, or gelato. Oh, and they cater which is a big part of their business too. We haven't picked up catering from them for anything yet, but I bet it will be great too.

Overall, Ferrante's is the place to go. It is one of my favorite places to go on the South Hill with the family. You should check it out TODAY!