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Farmington, ME

4 Unbelievable Trails You Cannot Miss in Mt. Blue State Park

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There's no place quite like the Maine interior for your outdoor summer adventure. Conifers stand tall among the low mountains, and beautiful lakes abound. With abundant trails and easy access to get to them, you may just fall in love with this quiet corner of the country.

But where should you go for the best hikes? When you're looking to experience Maine's natural beauty, one of the best places to see it is at Mt. Blue State Park. This quiet park is a natural playground for locals and travelers alike.

When you're ready for all that this park has to offer, here are the top four hikes you cannot miss in Mt. Blue State Park:
Mt. Blue State Park is a beautiful place to experience the vibrant forests in Maine.Leah Kelley | Pexels

1. Bald Mountain

Offering some of the best views in this state park, Bald Mountain is a moderate trail that leads to a beautiful summit overlook. If you don't have a lot of time for your adventure, this is a great one to choose. At 2.5 miles round-trip, this moderate trail will give you a taste of the Maine wilderness - without exhausting you too much.

To get to this trailhead, simply take Highway 156 north from Wilton, heading towards Weld, ME. Watch for signs for the Bald Mountain trail. The trailhead will be right off the main highway.

2. Saddleback Mountain via Bald Mountain

Want a bit more challenge in your nature experience? Adding Saddleback Mountain to your Bald Mountain hike may be the perfect option. This peak lies just beyond the Bald Mountain summit, and it offers some fantastic views of Mt. Blue and the lake below.

The trail up Saddleback Mountain is actually an extension of the Bald Mountain trail. It adds a few miles to the trip. If you're considering doing Bald Mountain, and you're considering adding on the Saddleback ridge, pack extra snacks and water. When you're at the top, you may decide to go all the way to the second peak.

3. Mount Blue

The pinnacle of Mt. Blue state park, Mt. Blue offers a rewarding, moderate hike up to an incredible viewpoint. At 3.2 miles round-trip, this trail will get your legs and lungs working, without exhausting you (too much).

About a mile up from the trailhead, you'll pass a cabin that used to house a fire warden in the area. It's a cool place to stop for a drink of water. You'll also see what's left of an old fire tower that used to stand on the peak.

Mt. Blue is a fantastic trail to do regardless of the time of year. In spring, you can view the blooming wildflowers. In summer, you'll get a stunning overlook of the Maine wilderness in full green. In Fall, that overlook dons an ever-changing coat of reds, yellows, and oranges. And in winter, you can enjoy the quiet solitude of the Maine wilderness covered in snow.

4. Center Hill Trail

If you truly don't have much time, or you're not sure you can make it up the mountains, you can still experience Mt. Blue state park with this trail. At 3.3 miles round-trip, this trail is actually one of the longer ones in the park. But because of the gradual inclines, you can enjoy this trail without breaking much of a sweat.

This trail gradually leads from the trailhead to the top of Center Hill. From there, you can take a short loop trail all the way around the top for views in every direction. If you like the views the first time around, take another lap around the top. It's a trip you won't regret.


No matter the season, Maine has the outdoor adventure you need. In Mt. Blue State Park, that adventure can happen on some stunning trails.

Which of these hikes are you most looking to tackle next?