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    Should red light, speed cameras get picture of driver? Lawmaker thinks so.

    By Ian Auzenne,


    If you were hoping state lawmakers would ban red light and speed cameras during the legislative session, no such luck.

    The legislator who proposed that law amended his bill to allow cities to issue tickets via red light and speed cameras, but only if those cameras take photos of drivers.

    "We need to make sure that it's the same person that is registered to the vehicle by putting the picture," Rep. Daryl Deshotels (R-Marksville) said. "If you're driving the vehicle, I think you should get the ticket."

    Deshotels told WWL's Tommy Tucker that these red light and speed cameras are a "money grab." Deshotels says his bill will protect people who didn't break the law but still receive a ticket in the mail.

    "Either you stop me, and you give me a ticket, or you figure out who I am," Deshotels said. "I don't think that vehicles should get tickets, and that's where we are."

    Deshotel said he amended his bill because of the pushback he received from cities that use those cameras.

    "I get it, but maybe we should just have them say, look, there's a toll to come into our town," Deshotels said.

    Deshotel's bill is awaiting a vote in the full House.

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