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    Daily Briefing: An Iowa town is nearly flattened

    By Nicole Fallert, USA TODAY,

    20 days ago

    It's a long road ahead for some Iowans after tornadoes ravaged their communities this week. The Senate is preparing to vote on a border bill on Thursday. And what's that buggy bzzz bzzz sound?! (It's the cicadas).

    🙋🏼‍♀️ I'm Nicole Fallert , Daily Briefing author. Hands up for a trip to Orlando with the Four Seasons Baby .

    Deadly tornadoes slam Iowa

    Cleanup continues Thursday in Greenfield, Iowa, after a series of tornadoes and powerful storms smashed through several Midwestern states, killing multiple residents and injuring dozens of others.

    Greenfield was almost flattened by one of more than a dozen suspected tornadoes that struck the state this week.
    Gary Randel looks for his daughters belongings in the remains of her home in Greenfield, Iowa on Wednesday, May 22, 2024. Zach Boyden-Holmes, The Register via USA TODAY Network

    Second human infected with bird flu

    Health officials identified an avian influenza case in a Michigan dairy farm worker. This is the second time a person working with dairy cows has developed the virus. The infection appears to have developed under similar circumstances as it did in March for a farm worker at a dairy in Texas. Although the two cases happened within a relatively short period, officials at the CDC said the new case doesn’t change their assessment that the risk to human health remains low. Read more

    More news to know now

    What's the weather today? Check your local forecast here .

    Senate border bill tees up campaign opportunity

    The Senate will vote Thursday on border security legislation that is doomed to fail – but will provide a key opportunity for vulnerable Democrats to stake out a position that may protect them this fall. It marks the start of a phase of Congress when passing substantive policy is all but impossible. Instead, leaders focus on passing safe bills and helping out their vulnerable members who face tough re-elections by giving them the chance to vote on bills that may resonate with voters. Read more

    Why is the UK having a special election on July 4?

    British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced a surprise July 4 election, as his ruling Conservative Party seeks to hold on to its 14-year grip on power in the face of poor polling. Sunak is bound under British law to call an election before January, and he's going for it sooner than later as the opposition Labour Party has surged in polls in recent months. The British public has expressed deep frustration over a stagnant economy, overburdened welfare services and worn-out public infrastructure. Read more

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    Here's where to spot Brood XIX and XIII cicadas

    Hear that sound?! If you're in one of 17 states across the Midwest and Southeast, it could be the trillions of periodical cicadas making their way up after years spent underground. This year's cicada emergence is in full swing in two regions: the 13-year Brood XIX located mainly in the Southeast, and the 17-year Brood XIII in the Midwest. The two broods have not emerged at the same time since 1803, making 2024 a rare, double-brood year. Read more

    Photo of the day: What's on the state dinner menu?

    What's on the menu for Thursday's State Dinner at the White House for visiting Kenyan President William Ruto: Smoked short ribs and buttered lobster. Ruto’s trip is the first state visit by a Kenyan president to the United States in two decades. What's not on the menu: An invitation for the African leader to address a joint session of Congress. Read more
    White House Executive Chef Cris Comerford presents the dishes that will be served during the upcoming State Dinner for Kenya on May 22, 2024. SAUL LOEB, AFP via Getty Images

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    This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Daily Briefing: An Iowa town is nearly flattened

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