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    ‘I’m staying inside’: Decatur neighborhood reacts to cicada influx

    By Arriana Williams,

    29 days ago

    DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — Cicadas are out and they’re loud. One Decatur neighborhood says it’s been a fun and rare occasion to experience, but they’re ready for it to be over.

    Loud chirping and clicking sounds can be heard in neighborhoods across Decatur as swarms of cicadas communicate with each other, but people living in this neighborhood aren’t fans of the obnoxiously loud conversations.

    “They’re annoying,” said Isabel Irwin, “I run in the garage, and I run out of the garage.”

    Shari Tapscott says it not just about the noise, it’s also the cleaning.

    How to tell if cicadas are ready to emerge in your yard: Illinois Extension

    “I’m staying inside. I don’t like to hear all the noise. It’s deafening,” said Tapscott, “There’s millions of them.”

    People have been doing all they can to try to keep their yards clear of the bugs and what they leave behind, but Tapscott says when they start cleaning in the morning — by the next day it looks like nothing was done.

    “There’s not much you can do about them. It’ll be nice when they’re gone. Because its very noisy,” said Tapscott.

    Cicadas: When are they the loudest?

    Did you know that male cicadas are the ones that make the high pitch sound and female cicadas make the clicking sound with their wings? So, when you’re hearing that song throughout the day, that’s actually their mating calls. Those sounds can be louder than semis and trains.

    “I thought there would be a few here and there I didn’t think there would be this much,” said Irwin.

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