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    🎵Saturday was Record Store Day. In Clyde, around US, it's about more than deals on vinyl

    By Roger LaPointe, Fremont News-Messenger,


    Good morning, Sandusky County.

    The cool weather should continue, with a high today near 58 degrees and a low of 47 degrees, but expect sunny skies with little fluffy clouds.

    Don't forget, we're bringing back the local news you love in Sandusky County! Help spread the word: Forward this email to your family and friends and encourage them to sign up here .

    Saturday was Record Store Day. In Clyde, around U.S., it's about more than deals on vinyl

    I'm a vinyl guy, and have been since my college buddy moved his wooden crates of records into his dorm room.

    Record stores are something else. They are more than just a sales point for a recording format. They are a culture built around music.

    Looking forward to the annual Record Store Day, Roger Wieczorek, owner of Hat Trick Records, hoped his preparations will pay off.

    Record Store Day takes place on the third Saturday of April each year. It was started in 2008 after vinyl records hit their lowest sales point in 2005.

    Read about the classic neighborhood record store. It's the kind of place you can browse and just drink in the life of the music . You can check out Hat Trick Records' Facebook page here.

    🐟More stories to keep you informed🎵

    Something great I ate: blue doughnut heaven

    I like to grab a good line as much as a good meal, so I'll reel you in. This one's from my big walleye story .

    Jim Barton, owner of Lake Donuts, on Jefferson Street, just off the water, almost didn’t take the bait when asked what doughnuts were catching anglers.

    “Apple fritters are always a favorite, and they were probably also the favorite with the anglers,” Barton said. “There is definitely a lot of traffic that you wouldn’t normally see, which is awesome.”

    I love an apple fritter, but my son always got the blue doughnuts, and they had blue doughnuts.

    I haven't had a doughnut in a very long time. Maybe it was the cold wind off Lake Erie, or it could be the blue icing, with blue sprinkles and some sort of crumble on top. Man, it was great.

    Here's the Lake Donuts Facebook page . They also make an unbelievable classic Boston cream doughnut.

    To share news tips, just say hello, or ask a question, email me at .

    This article originally appeared on Fremont News-Messenger: 🎵Saturday was Record Store Day. In Clyde, around US, it's about more than deals on vinyl

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