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    Happy retirement! André Bernier’s last day at FOX 8

    By Roosevelt LeftwichLaura Morrison,


    CLEVELAND (WJW) — After more that 36 years on WJW, meteorologist André Bernier is retiring and some who know him best are taking a look back at his career.

    “Andre is such an expert when it comes to weather,” said FOX 8 anchor Stefani Schaefer

    “I have seen Andre on the air all by him self for an hour, hour and a half he knows what he’s talking about he knows the computers he knows how to make it work,” anchor Lou Maglio said.

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    “Doing whatever you’re doing is one thing but being a person of character is something entire different,” fellow meteorologist Scott Sabol said.


    Staying on the air for so long, its an accomplishment.

    “There is a reason that he’s as popular as he is. I’ve got the goat on him for today. Andre is the GOAT the greatest of all time,” Retired FOX 8 Anchor Bill Martin said.

    It’s a long career that started when a little boy who only spoke French saw a dark cloud in the sky and wanted to know more.

    “My mom and dad kept saying I was incessant about asking questions: ‘What’s that cloud? What’s it gonna do? Is it going to rain? Is it going to snow?’ and they thought it was a passing fad and it wasn’t there isn’t a time that I can remember that weather isn’t in the fore front of my mind.” Andre told us.

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    So by the time that little boy became a suave, but still kind of nerdy teenager, that love of weather was combined with something new.
    WJW photo

    “My first job was in radio at age 15 in New Bedford, Massachusetts, my hometown, a 5,000 watt AM station. It’s still there and they were very kind to me,” Andre laughed.

    From that little station to a small college station and then to his first professional TV job in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where that once little boy who marveled at dark clouds was dropped in the middle of the corn belt.

    Next, he tried a new thing. Bernier was one of the first weather anchors on the weather channel and one of the few meteorologist at the time who’s whole show used computer graphics

    “This was 1982 and there were maybe a handful and I mean handful of TV stations that even tried using computer graphics,” Bernier said. “But we had to, we were 24 hours a day everyday and everything was changing all of the time.”

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    From there, he left the Weather Channel to be with the love of his wife, Sally, who was on the air in Minneapolis. One day, Sally saw opening at WJW and encouraged Andre to apply. And with a little help from and old friend, Dick Goddard, Andre got an interview.

    From there he moved to Cleveland, which was a dream come true. He told us part of the reason was the support from the WJW viewers.

    “The audience is really interesting they sense that everybody who works at Channel 8 has a family attitude,” Andre said. “I’ve never worked at a place like Channel 8, it’s really my second family.”

    Over the years, there were plenty of pranks played on him and by him, showcasing his sense of humor. He also was never afraid to show off his sweet dance moves while on air.

    “Some people say that my dancing needs a little assistance, but if it’s a beat that makes me move, I’ll just move,” Bernier explained.

    Bernier is now dancing his way into retirement.

    “you are a man of faith, you are a good dude you have a great love for others and a great love for what you do best  the weather,” anchor Wayne Dawson said.

    Bernier said his career has been a “heavenly gift.” He leaves FOX 8 on a day that also happens to be his birthday. We wish him all of the best.

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    For the latest news, weather, sports, and streaming video, head to Fox 8 Cleveland WJW.

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