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    'Terrifying': North Carolina woman discovers creepy hidden room in cousin's new home

    By Emilee Coblentz, USA TODAY,


    A North Carolina woman has gone viral after finding a creepy hidden room in her cousin's new house.

    Noelle Pierce, a photographer in Charlotte, went to tour the property after her cousin gave her the code to enter the newly purchased home.

    "My cousin just bought a new house and I am scared," Pierce shared in a video that now has 13.3 million views on TikTok. "Tell me this isn't the most terrifying thing you've ever seen."

    The room may have caught Pierce by surprise, but her cousin was aware of the freaky home feature.

    "She thinks it's funny," Pierce told USA TODAY on Wednesday.

    The hidden playroom

    In the video, Pierce walks into a bedroom closet, where a small door exists about 3 feet off the floor. She opens it to reveal what looks like a tiny child's playroom with super low ceilings and weird latches on the floor.

    "It's simply screwed together and held in place by metal pieces, but they're not hinges," Pierce said.

    The floor doesn't seem to open up. There are also two smaller doors within the room that struck her as particularly bizarre.

    "I told her to padlock them because I think someone is living in her walls," she says in the video.

    Some commenters on the video weren't so much freaked out as impressed.

    "That’s the coolest play room ever!" one user commented. Another wrote: "A secret playroom!! One of my childhood friends had one. The little door that opened into the playroom was at the very back of her clothes closet."

    Another woman writes that "as a kid I would have loved this."

    "As an adult my mind immediately goes to a situation you'd see on 'Criminal Minds,'" she added.

    More on the creepy room and the boy that lived in the walls


    Part 2 of the weird creepy playroom saga…

    ♬ original sound - recklessrevival_

    Pierce shared a follow-up video with her followers the next day after her first video blew up. Her cousin gave her permission to show followers more of the home "to see how creepy it is," Pierce shared.

    Pierce showed followers the attic access that exists on the opposite side of the room as the spooky playroom.

    "In the Zillow link my cousin sent me before they bought this house, there are no pictures of this weird little room," Pierce shares in the video.

    She opened the other two doors in the hidden room for followers to see what's behind them.

    "It is just storage," she shared. "But again, this is so creepy ... Maybe it goes to other parts of the house. I don't know. I don't want to know."

    Piece closed her video by saying: "To everyone saying I was being dramatic, I watch a lot of true crime ... You should look up the case of Daniel LaPlante."

    Daniel is known as " the boy in the walls ." In high school, he stalked a classmate and her family before gaining access to their home and terrorizing the family from within their walls for weeks. A couple months later, he'd commit a heinous crime that landed him in prison for life, according to reporting by CBS.

    Outside of the creepy room that seems to be a child's hideout, the house is perfectly normal, Pierce told USA TODAY.

    But, she said: "We just think the strange little room is ... a bit odd."

    This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: 'Terrifying': North Carolina woman discovers creepy hidden room in cousin's new home

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