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    Trump invites rappers Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow on stage - immediately starts talking about teeth

    By Ellie Abraham,

    26 days ago

    Trump invited rappers Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow on stage to voice their support for him at a campaign rally in the Bronx.

    With the November US Presidential election to come, when he’s not in court facing criminal charges , Trump has been on the campaign rally trying to raise support.

    In his last bid to become president, Trump used rappers to help endorse him and made the mistake of calling rap star Lil Pump “Little Pimp” .

    This time around, it was New York rappers Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow who proclaimed their support for the controversial former president at a rally on Thursday (23 May).

    Trump called for the rappers to briefly come onto the stage and shook their hands as he commented on Sheff G’s grills.

    “Oh, I like that," Trump told the rapper. “I wanna get that done.”

    Sheff G took to the microphone and proclaimed that “they’re always gonna whisper your accomplishments and shout your failures”.

    He continued, claiming that “President Trump” is going to “shout the wins for all of us”.

    When Sleepy Hallow stepped up the microphone, he simply said, “Make America great again” starting the audience cheering.

    As they left the stage, Trump told the crowd: “That's right. I like those teeth. I wanna find out where you did—I gotta get my teeth like that. I want that to happen to me.”

    Sheff G, who was only recently released from prison, shared the footage on his Instagram where people gave their thoughts in the comments.

    “He legit using ya for votes . Very sad and disappointing to see ya really fell for this,” one person commented.

    Another said: “Bro tryna get pardoned.”

    Someone else called it the “most random link up of 2024”.

    Model and ex-girlfriend of rapper Ye (aka Kanye West), Amber Rose , also appeared to lend her support to Trump, writing: “Let’s gooooo #trump2024.”

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