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    Atlanta Braves Fan Gets Into Fist Fight, Dodges Policeman’s Tackle, Then Gets Tased Into Next Week

    By Quinn Eaton,


    It's been a rough week for the police. Obviously the biggest story surrounding those that protect and serve has come from the 2024 PGA Championship, which is taking place in Louisville, Kentucky at Valhalla Golf Club. If you somehow missed it (if you did, you live under a rock), the Louisville Police Department arrested the number one golfer in the world while he was trying to get to the golf course. Everything worked out in the end, besides the fact that
    one officer's $80 pants were reportedly "damaged beyond repair." After that incident, there has definitely been some online discourse about the police and the jobs they carry out. Which brings us to this video out of Atlanta, Georgia, where a police officer at The Battery of the Atlanta Braves' Truist Park swung and missed on an easy tackle. Some short-short-and-golf-shirt wearing "Chads" were settling some sort of physical dispute outside of the ball park, and the policeman in this clip wasn't going to let that happen on his watch. The guy went from dodging punches to dodging an NFL-form tackle from a police officer... and he did a pretty good job. The officer rolled right off "Chad's" back like water on the back of a duck, and the very intoxicated young man made a run for it. It was evident he had a few too many as he went wobble-running away from the scene, with a police man in hot pursuit. "Chad" had a good head start, but he failed to put enough distance between himself and the range of the police officer's taser. At the very end of the video, the young man who had just been in a physical altercation with another person was about to deal one final blow... using his face to hit the concrete. The taser was a direct hit, and caused "Chad" to freeze up mid sprint. Thankfully, the video cuts off there. It would have been entertaining to see the guy fall down and "eat it," so to speak, but the video is just as entertaining since it allows for your imagination to finish out the story. Check it out:
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