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    Arizona AG Dishes Details on How Indicted Giuliani Finally Got Served

    By William Vaillancourt,

    25 days ago

    Rudy Giuliani ’s love for live streams allowed Arizona authorities to finally serve him, the state’s attorney general told CNN on Monday.

    The former New York mayor, who was indicted in the battleground last month for his efforts to overturn the 2020 election there, was served just after his 80th birthday party on Friday night in Palm Beach, Florida, following weeks of unsuccessful attempts.

    It was Giuliani’s live stream of the party that gave away his location, Kris Mayes told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins on The Source .

    Mayes explained that Giuliani—who has also been indicted in Georgia for election interference—was the last of 18 defendants in Arizona’s sweeping indictment to be served.

    “We had the attempted on multiple occasions in multiple ways to serve Mr. Giuliani,” she said. “Our agents had traveled to New York City to try to serve him. We were not allowed in his building there where he lives. We stayed there for two days. We mailed him a letter. We made phone calls, and ultimately we had to send agents down to Florida where he went most recently to serve him.”

    Mayes suggested that Giuliani was purposely avoiding being served, which tracks with a since-deleted social media post he had made in which he gloats about authorities not being able to find him.

    “I think Rudy Giuliani knows how this works and obviously, as you know, he does a lot of podcasting. It’s pretty easy to locate and to find, but he was not accepting service and was dodging our agents,” Mayes said.

    “We found out [Giuliani’s location] essentially through his live stream,” she went on. “He’s not that hard to find. And so we did that and our agents professionally served him after his birthday party, as the party was winding down, and as he himself was leaving the house that he was in, we gave him a copy of the papers, and he went along his way.”

    Mayes also refuted Giuliani’s claim that he “told them where I would be” prior to being served.

    “He did not tell us where he was going to be,” Mayes said with a chuckle, “except that he told the world where he was through his live cast.”

    A spokesperson earlier told The Daily Beast : “The mayor was served after the party and as he was walking to the car.” The spokesman described Giuliani as “unfazed” by the incident and “enjoyed an incredible evening with hundreds of people, from all walks of life, who love and respect him for his contributions to society. We look forward to full vindication soon.”

    Giuliani, who declared bankruptcy in December after being ordered to pay $148 million for defaming two Georgia poll workers, is expected in court in Arizona on Tuesday.

    Read more at The Daily Beast.

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