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Tom Handy

Arizona Sees 47,000 Migrants Arrested By Border Patrol in July

Border Patrol arrested two migrantsPhoto byTwitter

Last year, Texas received a lot of news over the migrant crisis. This year, another southern state is quietly getting attention as migrants overwhelm the border state.

Arizona is seeing a large number of migrants cross its border and US Customs and Border Protection have a hard time managing those they arrest. Some migrants are left in cages in the scorching Arizona temperatures.

Then according to Fox News, a fourth-generation rancher John Ladd placed the migrant crisis on President Joe Biden. Ladd said:

"He's an idiot, and he is ruining America."

Ladd said he sees about 15 migrants an hour crossing his ranch.

"It's getting worse every day. We're losing Border Patrol, the ones that we have here, they make them do paperwork. We don't have anybody patrolling the border. We got three or four agents, horse patrol, maybe. But it gets worse every day with this guy."
"I think it's deliberate from Biden to change the demographics of America, let all these illegals come, and then they're going to let them vote here."

Then the Center Square reported Border Patrol apprehended 47,791 migrants in July. This covers the Tucson and Yuma sectors. In addition, over 1,000 migrants gotaway. Gotaways are migrants that slip through that Border Patrol could not apprehend.

Last year, Texas Governor Abbott announced his plan to catch gotaways and his efforts may be working.

In the prior month of June, Border Patrol apprehended 34,303 migrants.

Last month, Governor Hobbs announced $41 million was available to help rural communities to stop the migrant and fentanyl crisis.

According to 13 News, Governor Hobbs said:

“Our rural communities have been strained and are frequently expected to perform tasks without being provided the necessary tools.”

How should Arizona manage its migrant crisis?

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