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The legend of Kap Dwa, the two-headed giant discovered in Patagonia in 1673.

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Kap Dwa was a two-headed 12 foot tall, Patagonian giant, living in the forest of Argentina. In 1673, the two-headed giant was captured by Spanish sailors; however, when the giant escaped and fought back, it was killed and staked through the heart.

It is only one story; the other story states the giant was found dead on the beach by Parguay natives, who mummified the body and worshiped it in a ceremony. In both stories, Kap Dwa is mummified and brought back to Britain, and ends up in the Edwardian Horror Circuit and put on display.

Eventually, Kap Dwa ended up in Baltimore, MD, and was part of Bob's Side Show at The Antique Man Ltd in Baltimore. Many believe a hoax was created by historians and remains a topic of debate. Those who have seen Kap Dwa have been reported believing that it is accurate; however, the fact that it is not displayed in a museum and studied further does raise a few questions.

"There were no signs of sutures or other 'joins', even though the body was largely unclothed. In the 1930s, two doctors and a radiologist reportedly inspected it in Weston and found no perceptual evidence of it being a fake."

Whether or not you believe the story of Kap Dwa is a hoax or real, the Patagones or Pagatonian giants did exist. According to records, they were between 12-15 feet tall, reportedly seen by Ferdinand Magellan and his crew. They stated they saw them while exploring South America in the 1520s.
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It was not the only report of giants. Dutch captain Sebalt de Weert also reported seeing a ¨race of giants¨ on the coasts of South America and the Falkland Islands. Not only did they report seeing one, but a boatful of naked giants with long hair, reddish brown skin, and reportedly aggressive.

We know there have been cases of giants found worldwide, as well as conjoined twins. However, discovering a human, giant or not, a conjoined twin can have two heads, a condition called dicephalic parapagus. Most do not survive infancy; however, a set of twins, Abby and Brittany Hensel, have lived until adulthood, born in 1990 and still alive; however, they are not giants.

In the case of the Kap Dwa, they had dicephalic parapagus, a rare and lifespan-reducing disorder, gigantism. Nevertheless, they overcame all health concerns, or they could be part of a race of Giants in Patagonia—allowing us to believe in something unexplainable since there have been reports of giants living and even being included in the bible.

Chronicles 20:6
Again there was war at Gath, where there was a man of great stature who had twenty-four fingers and toes, six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot; and he also was descended from the giants.

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