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Sara B

The Kandahar Giant is rumored to have been killed by US Special forces in Afghanistan in 2002.


In 2002, a special forces group went on a mission in Afghanistan and never returned to base. Headquarters initially had no reason to believe anything terrible happened to the men; possibly, the signals were not communicating, and they could not report findings.

The group sent out to retrieve the men were told where the men were last reported, but no other details. So when the group of men reached the spot the men were last seen, they decided to keep going and entered a narrow trail in the mountains, and it slowly opened up into a large opening where they saw a cave, it was also the end of the path.

Afghanistan is full of caves, so finding one did not alarm the men; however, what they found outside the cave did, bones. Although it was reported that most of the bones were animal, a few looked like they could be human bones. Along with the bones, they found equipment such as a communication system that belonged to US troops.

At this point, the men realized something was wrong and prepared for an attack. According to reports, something did come out of the cave; however, it was not what the men expected. They were under strict NDAs to keep it top secret and never speak of the encounter again. Except a soldier did come forward to talk about what happened, as he felt it should not be kept secret, and the people have the right to know, he has been kept anonymous.

The soldiers prepared to battle the Taliban, except only one thing came out of that cave, a giant man. According to reports, it was not any ordinary man; he was ¨at least twelve to fifteen feet in height¨, with long red hair and beard, six fingers on each hand and foot, double sets of teeth, and an awful smell. The source stated:

"It was too big we couldn't move it," the soldier claimed. "It smelled worse than a skunk – a corpse that's been around for a while. The communication was sent out that we had a very large, possibly human creature."

When the creature came out of the cave he immediately speared and killed one of the soldiers. The others immediately began firing, and the giant was defeated. The soldiers called in what they found, and help came. The giant was loaded into the aircraft and never seen again; it is rumored to have been brought to the US.

When the special ops returned to base, they were required to write up what happened on the mission; when the soldiers reported what happened, they were instructed to rewrite. One soldier stated:

"So we had to rewrite it the way they wanted it,"

The story reportedly started when one of the men was drunk at a bar and broke his NDA; however, whether or not that is true is also speculation. The story has been circulating the internet, and many, like most legends or bizarre stories, are up for debate.

Yet, throughout history, giants have been reported for decades; whether bigfoot, MOMO, or the giant of Kandahar, the legend exists. Some of the comments on the articles and videos have been controversial and interesting.

I lived in Kabul from 05-2013 , best time of my life . But never forget how paranormal and weird Afghanistan can get . It truly is a graveyard
Makes you wonder how often stuff like this actually does occur and people just aren’t allowed to talk about it, and it is made top secret as well.
This is seriously no joke. Not only are the legends of the Nephilim present in the middle east, but they were also here in the USA. The same features of having red hair and six digits on each hand and toe are discussed from the story of the Anasazi, the Navajo language for "enemy ancestor." The Anasazi were known to possess powers no human should have, extended knowledge of mathematics and infrastructure. Their hieroglyphs depict events of portals, as found all around the world as well, and giant beings coming out from them. Old indigenous prophecy which has survived in pieces up to today.. they run parallel with biblical stories that are mentioned in Enoch (cancelled from the Bible) and Genesis.
So I did time overseas in the army. I never personally seen a "giant" but the locals around our base were 100% convinced that they were in the caves. They were actually terrified about it. A lot of things in this video is the same story I was hearing from locals. Bad smell, 10-13 feet tall and extremely agile with red hair.

Is it a military myth, or did it happen? It depends on who you ask, as with most legends, myths, and mysteries.

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