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Venus Goes into Leo On June 5th, 2023


Venus will travel through Leo for longer than typical due to its upcoming retrograde cycle; here's what this means for our love lives and finances.
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“Sometimes you have to approach your love life with a touch of flair.”

As we leave the sentimental and romantic approach of Venus in Cancer, we shift to a more passionate and daring strategy.

And one thing to note, Venus will go retrograde while it is paired with Leo, so this planet will be in this sign for an unusually long time. Typically, this planet stays in a sign for about 3 to 4 weeks, depending on which zodiac placement it is traversing.

So, we’ll enter the pre-shadow on June 18th, giving us over a week and some days of this grouping in its regular format. The cool thing is if you love the vibes this combination brings, you’re in luck because it’s an extended stint in Leo that will last until October 7th.

Of course, I will talk about this rare retrograde event as we approach the regressive cycle of Venus. So, for now, let's enjoy this ingress for all its glory.

Under this pairing, confidence gets ramped up regarding love-life scenarios and money, allowing us to feel more courageous. So, we’ll be motivated to pursue what we want and treat romance and monetary situations as a sport.

Don't get me wrong; this will definitely be a romantic experience because of how passionately these two energies go together. When Venus is in Leo, romance is fiery while still emotion-based. As a result, we get the urge to bring more vibrancy to our lives and revel in grandiosity.

Venus expresses itself in a cheeky manner in Leo, allowing us to take our love and professional lives to a bold and courageous level. As a result, we can make a valiant effort to pursue things that fulfill us.

Over-the-top displays of affection won't be scarce concerning love-life scenarios because this pairing brings in a more extroverted and expressive tone.

With Venus in Leo, there is a greater likelihood of throwing ourselves into amorous adventures that result in epic dating situations. So, if things have been dull, this will enunciate the need to up the ante regarding love.

If you're single, this could help you feel more self-assured and interested in making your love life more exhilarating.

Therefore, it will be a period to add more theatrics and approach your situations with more flair. A vibe like this also encourages you to seek more enjoyment and leisure in your life, so you might feel more carefree when dating.

Through this time, you might feel more magnetic than usual and attract those more demonstrative about their interest in you. Additionally, this might be when you’re feeling gutsy and not afraid to put yourself on display because you’re feeling less bashful than typical.

Venus in Leo encourages us to take risks because being closed off stunts us from feeling a sense of aliveness. So, this could truly be a phase to reinvigorate our love life so we aren't sitting on the sidelines any longer.

For those in already established unions, closeness and passion may develop in an adventurous way. Regarding intimacy, this will be a period of heightened affection, so things could feel more demonstrative than usual, leading to passionate exchanges and a supercharged time concerning bedroom antics.

Another way this could show up is by bringing a dose of grandiosity to your date nights, so this will be a phase to go out on the town to places with a bold ambiance. Some of this could also be through going to more upscale places or going on lavish double dates.

Socially, this is a phase to get into more exhilarating activities, so this will be a time to participate in adventurous activities with those we’re close with. Therefore, we might feel the urge to throw a shindig that allows us to use our creativity to craft the perfect party.

Venus plays a significant role in pursuing pleasure and adorning ourselves, so being paired with Leo will help us approach these things with more panache. We could use this time to give ourselves a makeover to show off our best features. Some of this could be done by adding a little drama to our wardrobe and purchasing daring pieces. Due to Leo’s association with hair, it could also be a phase to zhuzh up our mane.

Financially speaking, this is beneficial to gain more since we’ll feel motivated to go after our goals.

Leo has strong magnetic energy, so now might be a good time to attract opportunities based on our stand-out set of talents allowing us to shine above the competition. Therefore, if we’re applying for jobs or want to market ourselves better regarding self-employment, this is a time to attract the right situations that will pay off.

And this leads me to the lower expression as we get any time a planet is paired with a particular sign.

Sticking with the financial aspect, this energy could produce the urge to go overboard with spending, leading to a grand shopping haul.

Try to be conscious of your spending habits because once the dopamine rush has worn off, you might have wasted money by purchasing something useless. Because this energy has a propensity to be more extravagant, do your best not to spend on something that is beyond your means.

Regarding affection, we must be careful not to be theatrical in the toxic sense with our partner or in a dating situation.

Under this influence, there could be moments of acting dramatic if we don't receive the attention or passion we desire. Energetically, this could pronounce the need for more praise than usual, leading to unhealthy attention-seeking. Although our value is not based on how others view us, this type of energy has the potential to exaggerate that urge causing us to crave a colossal ego boost.

Another aspect of this energy that needs to be curved is the propensity to feel entitled and as though everyone owes us something.

With the lower expression, criticism might result in conflict.

Naturally, not all feedback is helpful; occasionally, we need to set limits on well-intentioned advice from others. However, there are times in life when advice from someone who is watching out for you might be worth paying attention so try not to let ego issues push away some wise counsel.

Because this planet will go into the pre-shadow retrograde phase, some of these themes could feel more inflated, so try to be as mindful as possible.

But regardless of the regressive cycle and the lower expression, this is still a lovely opportunity because Venus in Leo gives us many chances to express ourselves creatively.

Use this Ingress to take risks to advance in your career and romantic relationships.

Venus Retrograde Dates:

  • Enters Pre-Shadow RX 6/18/23
  • Regressive Motion 7/22/23
  • Stations out of Retrograde 9/3/23
  • Leaves Post-Shadow Phase 10/7/23
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