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Saturn Enters Pisces March 7th, 2023 To February 13th, 2026


For the next 2 /12 years, Saturn will be in Pisces, allowing us to set a better foundation for our spiritual side.
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So long, Saturn in Aquarius, it’s been swell; see you in another 3 decades.

And now, this celestial body will transit the final sign of the Zodiac, Pisces.

It’s been almost a month since we left the cerebral; let's upgrade our current foundation's approach to Aquarius.

But now we’ve shifted to a more mystical method regarding stability.

Energetically, this combination will feel vastly different from what we experienced with this planet in the sign of the water bearer. For one, Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius, so the functionality of their mixture felt more natural.

Saturn is a planet that pronounces the need for system and order. Through this celestial body, we learn the importance of contraction, logic, having a solid game plan, being responsible, and making things concrete. In this energy, we’re more inclined to seek goal-oriented things, aren't scared of hard work to unlock achievements, and work to become masterful.

We seek ways to bring constructiveness to our lives to build something solid that sustains us for the long haul. Through this planet, we understand why it's essential to set limits on things that waste our time and why it’s necessary to be mature and responsible.

And we’re less concerned with emotions because vulnerability gets in the way of our pursuits.

But now, this planet has left its comfort zone for a sign that is less about logic and more driven by right brain functions. Saturn will spend 2 ½ years in the sign of the tethered fish, allowing us the opportunity to turn our whims into something concrete.

Pisces is governed by Jupiter, the ancient ruler for this placement, along with its modern ruler Neptune and happens to be a water sign. This sign's watery nature is associated with abstract things, spirituality, imagination, our dream world, art, music, film, and compassion.

Under this influence, we are open to the bigger picture and are more inclined to be less about system and order. Pisces is about dissolving tangible things. We become nebulous and undefinable. With the natural inclination of this sign, we seek to live a life with no boundaries and where everything just flows.

In this energy, we focus on the collective unconscious and the importance of merging with others. For this reason, Pisces is associated with the things we can’t see, which is why it's driven by faith and belief. Through this sign, we surrender to the things we have no control over and go with the flow.

We practice unconditional love, connect with our more empathetic side, and feel more willing to make sacrifices for the greater good of others. During this transit, we may find ourselves drawn to helping or working on projects that benefit society.

So, with all that said, Saturn combined with Pisces could bring about some interesting times because both energies are incredibly different.

However, this could be a period of sweet spots as well.

The key will be to try to learn how to pivot when necessary and ground ourselves when we’re feeling pulled in many directions.

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Occurrences From The Past Century During Saturn In Pisces Times

With the planets on the other side of the asteroid belt being slower-moving celestial bodies, they stay in Zodiac placements significantly longer.

As a result, we can see the influence of the planet-sign pairing affecting society for a lengthier duration with lasting results than we would experience with fast-moving planets like Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Therefore, outer celestial bodies create more enunciated themes, giving way to significant shifts and long-term changes.

Because of its position in the solar system, Saturn has a slow orbit of 29 ½ years, so it’s taken almost 3 decades for this planet to finally get to this zone of the Zodiac.

Some of the pronounced influences we see during Saturn in Pisces are themes of the collective unconscious.

On the cool side of this pairing, there tends to be more help for marginalized individuals; the abstract becomes in vogue, mind-altering, and dream-like entertainment gets created; there’s an urge for ethereal scenes, whimsical things, and the undefinable.

But the harsher end of this enunciates victimizing, placing belief in the wrong things; there can be an uptick in illness, problems with institutions, massive downfalls, economic fluctuations, escapism, and the oppressed becoming the oppressor.

The last time this celestial body was in Pisces was between January 28th, 1994, to April 7th, 1996, so this transit has not occurred since the 20th century. Before that, it did a brief stint from May 20th to June 29th, 1993.

Saturn in Piscean Occurrences from 1993 to 1996:

  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg was nominated to the supreme court.
  • Nelson Mandela becomes president.
  • Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell became a policy.
  • The 1993 World Trade Center Bombing.
  • Waco Texas tragedy
  • The Million Man March.
  • The OJ Simpson Trial.

Entertainment Happenings From That Era That Project the Piscean Archetype:

  • Madonna’s album Bedtime Stories was released.
  • Jerry Garcia, the vocalist and lead guitarist of the psychedelic rock group the Grateful Dead, passes.
  • Leaving Las Vegas, a movie about the downfall of escapism, hit theaters.
  • The Usual Suspects, an excellent film for flipping the mind, was released.
  • Nirvana’s vocalist Kurt Cobain, a Piscean archetype, passes.
  • Philadelphia, a movie about the unfortunate circumstances of a man with AIDs fighting for his rights, was released.
  • Schindler’s List, a film about a businessman rescuing Jewish prisoners from horrific circumstances in WWII camps, was released and later won an Oscar.
  • The movie Forrest Gump was released and is a film about a character that beats the odds despite limitations.
  • The musician and vocalist Prince changes his name to the unpronounceable symbol.
  • The fabulous RuPaul releases Supermodel, a song that speaks to the glamour of the Piscean archetype.
  • A movie about the survival of Tina Turner despite harsh circumstances called What’s Love Got To Do With it was released.
  • Three Little Pigs-Green Jelly a super cool video involving the famous fairytale sung with an edge.

Throughout the 20th century, we had Saturn in Pisces a handful of times.

March to September 1964, then from a 2 ½ year stint from December 15th, 1964, to May 3rd, 1967.

1964 to 1967:

  • John F Kennedy’s passing.
  • Watts riots.
  • Medicare begins
  • Thurgood Marshall becomes the first African American Supreme Court Judge.
  • Lendon B John’s War on Poverty campaign.
  • Miranda rights were put into law.
  • Malcolm X’s passing.
  • Vietnam War.
  • Civil Rights Act.
  • 1905 to 1908 California protest.

Entertainment from 64’ to 67’:

  • Star Trek, a series set in the future about space crews that had a very diverse cast which was a big deal during this era
  • PBS begins its first broadcasts.
  • Mary Poppins.
  • Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner, a movie about an interracial couple, was released, which was groundbreaking for this era.
  • A big time for folk singers, jam bands, and psychedelic rock
  • Beetle Mania.
  • The Sound of Music.
  • Rolling Stone Magazine released its first issue.
  • Then February 14th, 1935, to April 24th, 1937
  • The Hoover Damn is erected.
  • Emergency relief Appropriation Act.
  • The New Deal was enacted.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous was founded under this transit.
  • The Hindenburg catastrophe.
  • Nylon was created as the first synthetic material.
  • Amelia Earhart’s 1937 disappearance.
  • The Social security act was enacted.

Entertainment 35’ to 37’:

  • Disney debuts first film Snow White
  • The advancement of Technicolor.
  • Billboard publishes the first chart.
  • The book Gone with the wind was released.
  • Saturn was in and out of Pisces from April 13th to August 16th, 1905.
  • Finally, it permanently moved through this sign from January 8th, 1906, to March 19th, 1908.

1905 to 1908:

  • Massive Tsunami in Italy and Sicily.
  • Unions form to protect industrial workers.
  • Albert Einstein published the Theory Of Relativity book.
  • Telephony was created with the first wireless radio waves.
  • The cryptography language for Morse Code was created.
  • National Conservation Act.
  • Mount Vesuvius eruption.
  • San Francisco earthquake.
  • Upton Sinclair exposes the unsatisfactory conditions of meat packing facilities.

Entertainment 05 to 08

  • The World’s first Nickelodeon.
  • The Ziegfeld Follies.
  • Cubism art by Pablo Picasso.

Even though we’re in a different era, with the outer planets not in their location during the mentioned eras, we will still see some of those themes emerge.

This will activate the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction and the areas Jupiter in Pisces traversed.

Jupiter and Neptune made a conjunction on April 12th, 2022, at the last degrees of Pisces; once Saturn reaches the 25th degree, it will cross this area. As a result, some of the themes from that time period will become more concrete.

Over the next 2 1/2 years, Saturn will come through the area Neptune has traveled since February 3rd, 2012, and add the finishing touches to this cycle. In other words, it will lay a more concrete foundation in Pisces themes. The things that seem to blow up since Neptune was in its home Sign will get some grounding to them.

Themes Of Saturn In Pisces
Saturn in Pisces ChartPhoto bySirius Software

Combining a planet that represents contraction and setting parameters with a sign that is open with zero boundaries will create situations where we feel pulled in many directions.

Here are some of the themes we can expect with Saturn in Pisces:

The higher vibration of this pairing:

  • Testing our beliefs
  • Feeling the urge to connect with our magical side and other mystical things.
  • Adding help for the unseen, overlooked, and marginalized.
  • Understanding Structures that are unquantifiable.
  • Taking your spiritual ideals more seriously.
  • Becoming interested in studying things to do with new-age ideals, religion, and other philosophies.
  • Looking at ways to become more disciplined in creative pursuits like art, music, writing, or photography.
  • Learning to trust what you can’t see with your own eyes.
  • Compassionately taking responsibility.
  • Applying both logic and right brain ways to tap into our higher consciousness and unconscious.
  • Blending tradition with new age practices.
  • Trying to understand intuition and extrasensory feelings from a down-to-earth perspective.
  • Laying a foundation for systems in nontraditional methods like esoteric topics, Astrology, and Tarot.
  • We may also find ourselves being more creative and compassionate than usual.
  • Finding ways to look at abstract concepts in a more left-brain way.
  • Taking responsibility for your humility.
  • Consistently practicing acts of kindness.
  • Creating a legacy of being charitable.
  • Being able to make dreams a reality because we have the right combination of imagination while creating tangible results.
  • Finding reliable ways to heal your energy.
  • Karmic events could transpire, good, bad, or indifferent.

Lower vibes of this pairing:

  • There may be delays to things that seemed concrete.
  • An ingress like this could enunciate situations where those who feel oppressed become the oppressors.
  • Be aware of fluctuations regarding monetary things.
  • Fear of the unknown.
  • Our motivation could fluctuate due to feeling lethargic.
  • Vacillating between overly pessimistic and extremely optimistic.
  • Due to the worrying nature of this ingress, hypochondria tends to feel more pronounced.
  • Beware of going to a place so hopeless it plunges you into the depths of victimhood.
  • We could experience intense mood swings leading to shutting down one moment and or being overly raw and emotional the next.
  • Our ability to set healthy boundaries may go through extremes.
  • Struggling to integrate your spiritual side with your reality-based way of life.
  • Be aware of isolating because this tends to enunciate the urge for solitude.
  • Dealing with illusions and delusions that are out of control.
  • Battling with realistic and unrealistic expectations
  • Clinging to situations that aren’t serving you.
  • There might be moments of low motivation and periods of depleted vitality.
  • Taking on responsibilities that aren't our own.
  • Overly sacrificial to the point it’s costing you.
  • Not wanting to deal with the things that frighten you.
  • This could produce moments of Interference from others who want to dominate a situation.
  • Well-meaning but almost to the end of respecting others' limits.
  • Escapism that leads to going down a rabbit hole that’s hard to get out of.
  • Self-sabotaging behavior will need to be faced and resolved.
  • Saturn in Pisces enunciates the need for self-reflection.

We'll take deep dives into the abovementioned themes and look inward more than ever, leading to epiphanies about ourselves and how we see the world.

Pisces is a very imaginative sign, and Saturn will give us the structure and discipline to channel that inspiration into something productive.

Over the next 2 1/2 years, we will feel the urge to build something masterful and dissolve irrelevant scenarios in this energy's themes. So, it will be a period to keep the Piscean things that work and let go of the sabotaging parts of this Zodiac placement.

Let’s use this time to become more solid about the mystical things in our lives.

Saturn’s Transit Through Pisces dates:

  • Enters Pisces March 7th to May 24th, 2025
  • Back in Pisces, September 1st, 2025
  • Fully out of Pisces Feb 13, 2026
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