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Jackpot Denied: Casino Malfunction


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Katrina Bookman, a woman playing slot machines at Resorts World Casino in Jamaica, Queens, appeared to hit the jackpot with a winning amount of $42.9 million. This would have been the largest slot machine payout in American casino history. However, the casino quickly claimed that the machine had malfunctioned, refusing to pay out any winnings to Bookman.

After seeing her potential windfall, Bookman took a selfie with the machine, describing feeling numb throughout her entire body. Chaos ensued on the casino floor, and employees escorted her away from the slot machines, instructing her to return the following day for a decision on her winnings. Much to her disappointment, instead of receiving the jackpot, the casino offered her a steak dinner.

Bookman's background adds further significance to the situation. She grew up in foster care, experienced homelessness as a teenager, and raised four children on her own. The money she would have won could have been life-changing for her and her community. Bookman expressed her intentions to use the funds to help her community and buy a barbershop for her son.

Resorts World Casino defended their stance, pointing out that the machine clearly states that malfunctions do not result in winnings. The particular machine Bookman was playing typically has a maximum payout of $6,500. However, Bookman's legal counsel argues that she should be entitled to at least that amount.

As the dispute continues, Bookman's potentially life-altering winnings remain in limbo, with the casino claiming machine malfunction while she seeks legal recourse to obtain her rightful prize.

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