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    Macfox X2: Affordable E-Bike with Customizable Features


    The popularity of e-bikes has skyrocketed over the last few years. Due to the rise in petty crime on mass transit in both LA and NYC as well as expensive prices at the pump, millennials who reside in close proximity from their jobs have decided to ditch their cars. As micromobility options have become a way for individuals to express themselves, it’s important to find brands like Macfox that make it easy to customize their models.

    The Super73 and Onyx Motorbikes were some of the most impressive e-bikes on the market. Even though they were both well-constructed and attractive, they both had a high price tag ($3,800-6500) and a lengthy waiting list. Then emerged the newcomer, Macfox X1, which cost roughly $1100, was an excellent lightweight choice in comparison to the aforementioned bulky models. Whatever the case, this initial prototype didn’t seem to measure up.

    The following year, Macfox carefully listened to their customers and created the X2:

    ° Full suspension
    ° Turn signals that are integrated
    ° Hydraulic brakes
    ° A secondary battery clamp
    ° A headlamp with low/high beam
    ° 750 watt motor (1000 watt output)
    ° Half-thumb throttle

    This metacycle is both nimble and easy to maneuver, with adequate stopping power and enough torque (our top speed on flat pavement was 30-33mph). And for those who like to boast about their bespoke, you can purchase the 20′ fat tires with brown walls and banana seat for that straight-from-the-box look. Moreover, unlike many of its competitors, you get a ton of branded accessories which will have you on the road right away rather than fishing for components.

    The unit is relatively easy to assemble and is packaged with tools. We viewed a few tutorial videos on YouTube. This marks the first time we didn’t have to employ someone to assemble. Yes, we saved approximately $145, but we eventually had to visit a technician to reassure the overall build.

    In short, the Macfox X2 is the perfect purchase, especially for those who need extra power to overcome challenging inclines in Central Park and a memory foam seat for long rides, providing high levels of comfort on or off the road.

    PROS: affordable, well-made Shimano shifters, stylish design, and great battery life.

    CONS: thin tires, small handlebars, metal pedals, and grinding noise at top speed.

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    Culture curator Vaughn Lowery reviews the Macfox X2.Photo byArmon Hayes/360 MAGAZINE

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