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Norma Geli
Norma Geli
 7 days ago


Here are some of the Best Breweries in Las Vegas! Hoping this will quench your thirst. It seems to be the common theme that visitors always run to get a Fat Tuesday or some fancy cocktail once they arrive in Las Vegas. But what if you are craving a beer? Instead of drinking the common beer, here's some of my favorite breweries and beer that are unique and created in Las Vegas. I tried to mention the breweries closest to the Las Vegas Strip, that way you don't have to travel too far or spend a fortune on your Uber ride. This video will show you a brewery that is near all the tourist spots, and two breweries that you will mainly find Las Vegas Locals at. Make sure to watch the video, but here is the list of the breweries: Able Baker, Banger Brewing, and Tenaya Creek. Hope you find this to your liking, and I'm pretty sure your wallet will be happy too. Able Baker 1510 S Main St Banger Brewing 450 Fremont St #135 Tenaya Creek 831 W Bonanza Rd

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