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Walk In Talk: the restaurant life
Walk In Talk: the restaurant life
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#HiddenGems Show topic: "The History And Growth Of Keel Farms form 1981 To Present" Instagram: @keelandcurleyatkeelfarms Website: <a href="www.keelfarms.com">www.keelfarms.com</a> Be sure to checkout Clay Keel, and Chef Tyler and their awesome Blueberry Wine, Artisan Seasonal Beers, and delicious food! Please SLAM that SUBSCRIBE button so we could continue bringing you Bad-Ass content from the kitchen! Thanks for tuning into Episode 16 of Walk In Talk, the restaurant life! Remember, it's always cool in the Walk In! Friends of the Walk In Talk Show: <a href="https://www.donpablocoffee.com">https://www.donpablocoffee.com</a> <a href="https://americansocialbar.com/tampa">https://americansocialbar.com/tampa</a> <a href="https://www.ibisimages.com">https://www.ibisimages.com</a> (Culinary Photography)