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    US hitwoman Aimee Betro’s mom begs for her to surrender as she remains in contact with hometown pals after botched UK contract killing: report

    By Richard Pollina,


    The accused American hitwoman wanted in the UK for a botched contract killing has reportedly been telling friends from her hideout that life has become a “f–king sh-t show” — while her estranged mom is begging her to turn herself in.

    Aimee Betro, 44, was contacted by a hometown friend in Stevens Point, Wis., who asked about her involvement in a 2019 murder-for-hire plot of a clothing shop owner in England, where she allegedly used a hijab to disguise herself, the Daily Mail reported.

    “Lot what are you up to?” her unidentified male friend asked her on Facebook Thursday, according to messages seen by the outlet.
    Aimee Betro responded to a friend from her hometown after he heard about her involvement in the murder-for-hire plot.

    “Dude I saw, like wtf I don’t even know where to start with all the misinformation that’s said about me,” Betro responded. “It’s a f–king sh-t show.”

    Betro’s friend asked if there was anything he could do to “help” her as he said he was “glad you are OK!”

    “Idk dude,” the alleged contract killer responded. “I don’t think there’s anything you can help with but I really appreciate you reaching out,” she replied before ending their conversation with a red heart emoji, according to the outlet.

    The unidentified friend claimed he was one of several people from her hometown who have been talking with her since her alleged involvement in the failed murder plot came to light.

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    “I talked to her best friend today and that person said she talks to Aimee every day,” he told the Mail.
    Aimee Betro told her friend that she wasn’t sure if there was anything he could do to help.

    “She’s using her phone every day, she’s taking pictures out of her apartment window, Snapchatting people all the time.”

    Her male friend claims that if “police really wanted to catch her, they’d already have her” since she’s using her phone so frequently.

    “Aimee doesn’t say she had no part of this,” alleged the friend.

    “She acknowledges she was involved and all that,” the friend alleged. “She just says some of the details aren’t right.”

    It remains to be seen what exactly she’s been disputing about her involvement in the failed contract killing.

    Mom and 4-year-old daughter killed, 6-year-old rescued after horrid ‘human trafficking’ kidnapping: cops

    Meanwhile, Betro’s mother, Jeanne Johnson, begged the daughter she has not seen in five years “to turn herself in.”

    “I would love her to do that because she is going to run out of places to hide,” Johnson, 62, told the Times of London on Thursday

    “She has nowhere else to go, and now that it’s an international manhunt, she’s not going to be able to fly anywhere.”

    The mom called the case “totally crazy” — while sending a message to her daughter that she would not help protect her.

    “If she comes here, I’m not letting her in. I will call the police. I’m afraid somebody’s after her and is maybe going to kill her. Now that it’s all come out,” she said.

    “She’s got to stop running. She’s got to pay the price now.”
    Betro was hired by Mohammed Nazir and his father to kill a man in Birmingham. West Midlands Police / SWNS
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    The mother said she had not seen her daughter in five years, but she had occasionally exchanged texts with her during that time and followed her high-roller lifestyle on social media.

    “Five years ago, she just got up and left and left all her stuff where she was staying,” Johnson told the outlet. “Aimee just stopped talking to me and all of her family members. I don’t know what got into her. But there’s nothing I can do now.”

    Betro was allegedly hired by Mohammed Nazir, 30, and his father, Mohammed Aslam, 56, to kill clothing store owner Sikander Ali in September 2019.
    In Seotember 2019, Mohammed Aslam and his son allegedly hired Betro to murder Sikander Ali. West Midlands Police / SWNS

    Nazir and Aslam, of Derby, held a grudge against Ali and his family after a dispute at their clothing store that left them injured in 2018.

    She is accused of donning a traditional Muslim head covering, slipping out of a Mercedes in suburban Birmingham, and aiming a gun at victim Sikander Ali as he pulled up to his home in an Audi.

    Her weapon jammed and Ali was able to escape with his life.

    However, she allegedly returned to the house the following day and fired three shots in the direction of Ali’s home, but that attempt failed as well.

    The alleged contract killer then fled back to the US two days later and is still at large, the paper said.

    Nazir and Aslam were both found guilty of conspiracy to murder last week and will be sentenced on Aug. 9

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