NewsBreak Announces National Launch of Contributor Network to Fill Local News Gaps

NewsBreak, the nation's leading local news app, announced today the national launch of the Contributor Network, which will utilize the company's...
April 6, 2022

Expansion will create opportunities for local reporters and storytellers

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., April 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- NewsBreak, the nation's leading local news app, announced today the national launch of the Contributor Network, which will utilize the company's  technological capabilities to provide local news coverage in communities across the U.S. that are underrepresented by traditional media. NewsBreak has identified news deserts as an opportunity market – more than 200 counties in the U.S. have no local paper and half of all U.S. counties have only one.

"There is an immediate need for quality local news coverage in markets across the country that lack a robust media presence," said Xana O'Neill, Head of Original Content "The Contributor Network will fill that void by empowering local journalists and storytellers to tell the stories that matter most to their communities."

The Contributor Network is currently operating in Denver, Colorado, where NewsBreak reporters have published exclusive stories on local issues. NewsBreak will expand the Contributor Network to select counties in Georgia, Florida, Colorado, and Arizona with plans to build the program to greater scale across the country in underrepresented in media coverage areas.

"NewsBreak has built an unrivaled platform to understand what consumers in local communities are seeking for news," said Jim Bell, Vice President of Strategy at NewsBreak. "The Contributor Network will revitalize local news coverage and become an important destination for location-based advertising, which will continue to be an important revenue growth source for the company."

The NewsBreak Contributor Network will feature independent journalists, who report on breaking and developing local news, and "Community Voices", local creators who will highlight the goings-on of their town or city. Local NewsBreak team members will provide editorial review of stories by Reporters participating in the Contributor Network. All NewsBreak contributors are subject to the company's content policy and editorial standards.

NewsBreak was founded in Silicon Valley in 2015 by former Yahoo executive Jeff Zheng and launched its mobile app in 2016. The app provides both curated and original content to users, and in 2021 added almost 1,000 new local media outlets to its platform. The Contributor Network is an evolution of the Creator Network, the company's program for independent writers that launched in 2020.

Contributors interested in publishing on NewsBreak can find more information on the NewsBreak website.

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