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    'My best friend had an affair with my ex - and I found out on her wedding day'

    By Eleanor Tolbert & Eleanor Tolbert,

    25 days ago

    A woman has taken to Reddit to share a tale about her best friend's wedding , where she was the maid of honor.

    She provided some background information, explaining that she had an ex-boyfriend, who she referred to as "John," and they were in a relationship for four years. They were serious enough to start planning their future together, including a wedding, children, and more.

    She believed they were content until he abruptly ended things with her , citing something "personal."

    During this period, her best friend "Stacy" and her fiance "Tom" supported her, even allowing her to sleep on their sofa. Stacy asked the user to be her maid of honor.

    On the morning of the wedding , Tom invited her for an early breakfast. He then disclosed some shocking news to the Reddit user.

    "What happened instead was that Tom let me know that a few days prior, Stacy admitted to him that she had an affair with John, which was what led to my breakup. He said that Stacy wanted to come clean to 'start their marriage fresh,' and that he was forgiving her to move forward."

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    Tom revealed that he had been indecisive about whether or not to tell the user. He ultimately decided to do so, believing she would forgive Stacy as he had.

    Instead, she left the wedding. This caused a stir, as the user was essentially running the show. People then noticed she was missing, and the news of the affair eventually leaked out.

    Stacy and Tom have taken to the internet, accusing her of sabotaging their special day. Some reckon she should've privately navigated the matter and seen out the ceremony.

    However, she maintains that if Tom had wanted her presence at the wedding, he shouldn't have dealt the blow mere moments before.

    Among the responses, folks agree she's without fault in this fiasco. Indeed, some argue she could've kicked up a bigger fuss but opted for discretion over drama by just exiting the scene.

    "Was walking out of the wedding the day of a nice thing to do? Not particularly. But what on Earth did they expect would happen by telling you? And on the wedding day. They knew they were playing with fire. They chose when to tell you this information. Simply walking out - because whoa nelly I bet there were a ton of conflicting emotions - was pretty adult. You didn't cause a huge scene. You simply extricated yourself from the situation."

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