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    16 Complicated Points-Of-View That Will Defeat The Visual Cortex Of Your Brain

    By Krista Torres,


    Welcome to this week's roundup of the most head-scratching photos we found scouring Reddit's r/confusingperspective . Before we get into this week's top contenders, can you figure out this pic from last week that most people couldn't? :
    u/PrA2107 /

    1. Okay, moving on to this week! Let's start it off with this pillar that appears to be free-floating like the building above:
    u/HuckyDoolittle /

    2. Can you figure out why it looks like this dog's head got removed and attached to the side of its body?:
    u/Saraastormm /

    3. What about this chair which appears to be standing upright with three legs?:
    u/EarlyRaccoon4745 /

    4. This person is NOT wearing a penguin suit with a plastic bag over their head, so please explain what is going on:
    u/MiyamotoUsagi1587 /

    5. This semi-truck appears to be moving an entire building, but it is not:
    u/bustyandfit /

    6. If you can figure out how this dog scramble happened, please drop it in the comments:
    u/AuntBerthaVerified /

    7. As one Reddit user asked: "Why does this raised walkway lead to a wall?":
    u/Age-of-Computron /

    8. Explain to us how on earth this shoe is not levitating:
    u/AMdome /

    9. And how is it possible this vehicle is not doing the same?:
    u/Tony072 /

    10. This giant cat. Give us answers:
    u/WolverineWoodworks /

    11. Interpret this cat photo that is not X-rated:
    u/chicosalvador /

    12. And how this dog is not standing upright with biceps:
    u/More-Tale5784 /

    13. If the left eye of this pooch does not confuse you, drop what is going on in the comments for the rest of us:
    u/hooni6 /

    14. Is this loaf blob REALLY a cat? How can you be sure?:
    u/Retrocausalityx7 /

    15. Does this piece of furniture have mirrors, or is it totally see-through?:
    u/International_Lime56 /

    16. And, finally, this one may be obvious up close, BUT FROM A DISTANCE, I think we can safely classify it as a confusingly head-turning perspective:
    u/realblurryface /

    If you're still stumped by some of these, look for next week's roundup where we will share what is actually happening with all of them!

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